Celtic Fans Annihilate Clapped Out Hack Over Series Of Cup Final Embarrassments.

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Even before the game kicked off yesterday the Sunday Mail’s most discredited writer had already made a raging fool of himself with his piece on how Celtic were in trouble in the final.

He had spent weeks “reading the body language” of Ange Postecoglou and concluded that Kyogo had no chance of starting the game. Without him he rated our chances as “no more, no less” than 50-50.

In my article about his, I said that he was gutless.

For years now, Keevins has represented everything that is wrong with sports “journalism” in Scotland.

Its arrogance. Its parochialism. Its cowardice. Its stupidity.

This is a guy who’s been covering the game for longer than many Celtic fans who sang their hearts out at Hampden yesterday have been alive and yet over and over again his ignorance of it has been exposed.

His tendency to make snap judgements without even the most basic knowledge or facts is legendry and has been demonstrated over and over again.

To call him a halfwit is to give him more credit than he’s due.

He has all the intelligence of something that lives at the bottom of a pond.

That he has made a living as a commentator is the proof of how low standards here are. This is the profession where Kris Boyd makes his living; Keevins, as much as anyone, is responsible for standards sinking that low.

I don’t want to give a potted history of his career; it’s sufficiently weak that I would struggle to find any big story he broke.

I’ll only say that when he was asked to pick a highlight from it for a book that came out some years ago the story he chose was of getting kicked out of the Celtic Club during the Dalglish era, when King Kenny took the press on a tour of the Gallowgate after they – Keevins included – had blatantly misrepresented him several times.

That a senior sportswriter, who must have seen some things, chose his physical ejection from a supporter’s club as the most memorable moment in a decades long career is telling, and not in a good way.

It shines a light on his output.

It also speaks to his small-minded and petty nature.

And it offers some insight into the bitterness with which he covers Celtic.

Yesterday, in the sixty seconds between Hibs scoring and Celtic going up the pitch and equalising, he poured utterly unjustified scorn on the best defence in Scottish football.

He singled out one player for the most vitriolic criticism, not even attempting to pretend that it was a professional analysis and not just giving someone a kicking for the sake of it.

His words dripped with spite and pure poison.

And he confidently stated that Hibs goal could be the last of the game. He believed what he wanted to.

He twisted reality into the shape that suited himself and used the moment to pour out every bit of bile that had been building up in him all afternoon since he heard Kyogo was starting in spite of his confident statements to the contrary.

Of course, seconds later Celtic equalise and there is a nervous laugh and then he attempts to excuse his own lack of judgement and mounting humiliation with a shit attempt at humour before he reverts back to type and states that VAR would have chopped off the goal.

I can’t bear Clyde even for two seconds, and I was at the game so I never heard this when it aired nor in the immediate aftermath when I got home.

But as ever I am grateful to my friend Paddy Sinat at Vital Celtic who tracked down the audio of this and put it in his own article earlier today. I am glad to direct readers towards his piece; honestly, go and read his article and listen to this clown for yourself.

Click on this link here for that article.

As you can imagine, Celtic fans have been bombarding this loon on social media all day long.

Nobody deserves it more.

Keevins lack of objectivity and professionalism have, once again, combined to make him the butt of every joke there is.

But really, I’ve always thought that the joke is on those who think this guy is worth a salary. It astonishes me that he is so easily able to con them into thinking that they get a worthwhile return out of keeping him around.

He is a joke, but one he can keep on laughing at as long as they are paying him a wage.

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  • Gerry Graham says:

    You spot on James..This clown once threatened me with court action if I didn’t stop commenting on him on Twitter..”Lubo Who” was another one of his famous statements..And to think this arseholes gets a wage from Clyde for his bullshit..Ps..I still give him a hard time on Twitter..He’s just a bitter frustrated old man..Hail Hail James

  • Bill Cowie says:

    I gave Kevin’s a sherriking on SSB a few years back after he’d been once again been mouthing off about Dalglish and the aforementioned incident.
    I said that he shouldn’t be using tgat programme as a platform to carry out a personal venderra against Dalglish, especially as Dalglish wasn’t being given the opportunity to respond.
    Kevin’s said that he’d be happy to debate the issue with Dalglish live on air.
    I told him that I doubted whether Dalglish would even be interested in him.
    His best story….. Guus Hiddink would be taking over as Manager at Celtic to replace Dalglish as interim manager, who had been standing in for the sacked John Barnes.
    Of course Hididink didn’t come anywhere near Celtic, Martin O’Neill did……… And the rest, as they say is history!! HH?

  • Smokey says:

    Well said James……..Keevins has had a first class chip on his shoulder since Kenny showed him the door…..he is not even a bit embarrassed about his utter nonsense yesterday,……Tom English not much better IMHO!

  • Stephen says:

    Pay him no heed. Keevins is a joke. Always has been. My auntie once ripped him apart on a phone in. It was so good that the radio station used her bit a the trailer advertising the show for the rest of the week. He is pathetic and has never been able to justify himself when taken to task / face to face. He’s a dumpling, just like Kris Boyd and the only thing that keeps numpties like them in a job is their masonic friends in the media. They are scared. Simple as that. Celtic are back and the sevcovidiots are shitting themselves.

  • harold shand says:

    I tuned into SSB at the final whistle and you could tell by the way he was talking he was spewing we won .

    His column every Sunday in the Mail is just so predictable , doom and gloom about us and blowing smoke out of the a*re of whoever is in charge of the team over the city .

    I can tell you what his column on the morning of the Rangers * game on the 2nd will be , it’ll be along the lines of ..

    ‘ If Celtic don’t beat Rangers today all the support will turn on Ange and the cup final will be forgotten ‘

    A predictable old hack who now relies on clicksbait on Twitter and who spends too much time hanging out with all the ex huns he works with

  • Joseph Mcaleer says:

    Thankfully living in Aberdeen, central belt “media” is not a thing I have to endure, including a button to blank BBC sports Scotland.

  • Malc says:

    To describe Keevins as a half-wit is doing a great disservice to all the real half-wits out there. He’s not even close to being a half-wit. Total fuckwit is more accurate. To think this fella actually gets paid for spouting his shite? I despair…

  • Roonsa says:

    The man lives off the enegy he creates by winding people up. You are, effectively, keeping him in a job. He is the Katie Hopkins of Scottish football “journalism”.

    I am AMAZED Celtic fans listen to SSB never mind waste their energy by phoning in to speak to Keevins. Get a hobby. Be happy. Say no to stupidity! It’s not rocket science!!!!


      Not bad for a New Year resolution for all Tim’s.
      Coordinated boycott of SMSM.
      Don’t buy the Daily Rags, stop phoning the Hun Radio,
      stop viewing the EBC, Scottish Branch office, sports roundups. Better still stop viewing the
      EBC altogether, cancel your license and save yourself money.
      They’ve never going to change so just avoid them. Spare your blood pressure. Save money and watch them, from a distance, as their circulation figures, including advertising an Sponsorship monies, circle the plug hole.
      It’s easy, 12 years and counting since I paid them any money watched or read their racist bigoted bile.


  • Kyogos Dream Team says:

    Speccy Soup taking AULD WANKER! Ripped Keevins tae SHREDS back in the day but the auld excuse of ‘We’re struggling with the callers phone signal’ lol! I CAN ASSURE U my phone signal is A1 Speccy I said (not aired of course) you just canny back up the PISH u spout!!

  • Paul says:

    Brilliantly put James,I think a head lice is brainier than Keevins & as I was listening to him on Clyde I could imagine him squirming as his fellow Commentators slagged his prediction of the only goal of the game, lasting 60 secs you could hear someone say above the lafter that his prediction was the fastest one to be dispelled, I can’t see anyone taking him serious now. ?HH?.

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