Celtic’s January Plans Are Now Being Questioned By This Biased Media.

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The media has been busy this weekend, casting all sorts of doubts on our rebuild plans.

We’ve covered the stories about our two loanees already, and now I want to turn to the articles suggesting that we might not buy the Irish midfielder in this window and that we might find that the Japanese striker we’ve been linked with for months is too rich for our blood.

This is so, so stupid for a number of reasons.

But the most obvious of which is that nothing would surely light the fuse under the smouldering gunpowder that is our relation with the board at Celtic Park than a failure to back the manager in this window.

To pull back or back down now, to leave this guy in the lurch, to let this job go essentially half done … wow.

That would be beyond crazy.

Besides, the premise of these stories is that some confluence of events has taken us by surprise but no such thing has happened here.

Daizen Maeda will cost no more than the price we would have been quoted months ago.

The same papers suggesting that we might struggle to meet that fee are the same ones reporting today that an indebted club relying on director’s loans to keep on the lights might be going on a spending spree in January; there are no words for how dumb these folks are.

The idea that we have run into some insurmountable obstacle which means we can’t get Danny Mandroiu in January is even more ridiculous.

Dermot Desmond is part owner of Shamrock Rovers; if it’s his will that the player moves to Celtic to work under Ange then my guess is that’s exactly what will happen and no media invented obstacle or anything else will stand in the way.

I really don’t know what the objective behind these stories is; they can sew confusion and doubt but they can’t change the reality of things any more than the Cameron Carter Vickers and Jota stories change the reality of those matters.

Celtic will either back the manager in January or they will not.

If they don’t then they risk him being unhappy which to say the least would make most fans infuriated to an unprecedented degree.

Imagine that not backing Ange cost us a title?

God, it would make the events towards the end of last season look like small beer.

It would be a game-changer.

Everyone knows the stakes.

veryone knows the price that would be paid if this went wrong.

I don’t believe it will.

I believe Ange will get his men, and he’ll get them early enough that we’re not sweating it out on the final day. This club has to get its act together at some point and this would be a very nice moment to start.

I think we’ll all be well satisfied.

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  • Theinsideman1 says:

    You think we will be satisfied.? Answer me why. Yeah Desmond is terrified of the fans he wouldn’t dare not back Ange. Are you for real. The same scamming gentry who sneer&peer down their beaks at us. Well me myself stoped being gullible a while back. Maybe you should do the same & stop getting fans hopes up. Why would they back him. They back no one but them selves. Remember folks ZERO net spend & we continue.

  • Mark B says:

    For last three or four years I have thought surely we won’t just bank it we will spend it. We never do. I hope I am wrong. Dembele 20m Tierney 25m Frimpong 11m Armstrong 7m edouard 15m Ajer 14m over 100m …. Wow.

  • Jim Duffy says:

    Wish I shared your confidence in our board delivering for Ange when he needs it, historically our board have always let the manager down,so I’m not sure what source you draw your confidence from.

  • Geoff says:

    Really think out board is missing something here?
    Sevco £24m losses
    £100m over 4years
    Need £7.5m to finish season
    No bank lending facility
    Everything now covered and profitable next season
    Why are they not able to find this magical source of revenue?

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