Celtic Was Right To Pay The Food Bank Fine, But Questions Still Need Answered.

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The news yesterday that Celtic has agreed to pay the fines of the food-bank vehicles which were ticketed at the weekend is welcome, and shows our club at its best. For us it’s a modest sum, but it shows the right spirit and keeps us on the side of the angels.

For Police Scotland and the council – and for Celtic too – this issue still has a lot of unanswered questions, and the bitter taste it leaves in the mouth will not soon be removed.

The council’s answer as to how this happened was faintly ludicrous and makes them seem petty.

The police’s behaviour, in passing this matter to parking enforcement like some kid in the classroom tattling on somebody is absolutely pathetic and small-minded.

Did Celtic not work with these people beforehand to make sure that this all went smoothly?

That seems like a glaring oversight to me otherwise.

Did Police Scotland really need to push this issue and act as they did? Do they not care that this does damage to their image? Or are they so far up their own backsides now that this doesn’t bother them?

On top of this, there are conflicting versions of events. Police Scotland and the council contend that the entire area is restricted to vehicles on emergency service grounds, but this wasn’t a party bus or some for-profit sticking a burger van there, or people illegally parking their cars never to return. The drivers were with the vehicles.

The idea that this was some kind of move on the grounds of public safety is frankly absurd and insulting to our intelligence. This was a goodwill organisation doing public spiriting work.

What in God’s name goes through the minds of folk who’d ticket them for it?

How does our council look? Do they not care about their own public image?

The heartlessness of this, the senselessness of it, is extraordinary.

They should have issued an apology, rescinded the fines (this garbage that there is no mechanism to do so is exactly that; garbage) and cleaned up the mess they’ve made here. It is astonishing that they haven’t.

This matter shouldn’t be allowed to rest as is. Celtic, Police Scotland and the council all continue to have questions to answer here.

When a notorious pub can hire a tank for a day and park it outside without anyone blinking it is ridiculous to argue that food bank collections vans present some sort of major problem.

This was an offence against common decency.

The people responsible for it, from the police who were there to the jobsworths who wrote the tickets to the enforcement department which okayed it to the council officials defending it should be hanging their heads in shame.

It is obscene and their attempts to justify it make them look worse than ever.

Celtic has said that discussions have taken place to assure that this never happens again; all well and good, but very late to the party. Those discussions should have been had before this, to prevent this from happening in the first place.

In the midst of all the recriminations over this, it is to be remembered above all that the Green Brigade have done an amazing job yet again and that the Celtic fans have gone above and beyond.

The contrast is what makes this stink and for all the trifling justifications that have been offered for this, the people of Glasgow who depend on this service know who the heroes are and know who the real public servants have proved to be in this case.

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  • Bob Grace says:

    Agree police Scotland and council hang your heads in shame
    HailHail ????

  • Tony B says:

    Don’t vote SNP in the council elections or for the local MSP John MASON, who agreed with the Police action.

  • SSMPM says:

    Well done Celtic, I hope these actions further highlight to the general public the targeting by the authorities in the light they should be viewed. Totally unnecessary but deliberate and I just hope Celtic’s actions prevent repeat targeting in the weeks ahead. HH

  • scouse bhoy says:

    the fact that no one in authority was ever held to account for the george square riots says it all. the sheer incompetence especially regarding the second riot was unforgiveable. where was the concern for the public safety then ?.

  • Malcolm Campbell says:

    Why didn’t they just apply for permission. You cannot break rules just because it’s for a good cause, sorry. It clearly needs better planning next time

  • Roonsa says:

    Once again I am left in the dark. The MSM are not reporting on this. Go look for yourself on Google. The only sites reporting this are Celtic sites like this. Taking that into account you would think the facts would be made clear rather than having us guess what the hell is going on. And whoop-de-doo to Celtic for coughing up £240 or whatever it is.

    Let’s have some proper reporting on this rather than the outcry of foul play with very little basis.

    1) Was this a planned event in terms of discussions were carried out between the GB, Celtic and the Polis?

    2) What the hell is this about a tank being parked outside? The assumption that every Celtic fan who attends matches is privvy to everything that goes on is, frankly, annoying. You’d be as well setting up a WhatsApp chat group.

    3) As for how the Council look, they don’t care. It’s not being reported at all by anyone other than Celtic fan sites from what I can see.

    From where I am standing, this reads to me: great idea, poor execution in terms of the GB’s handling of the situation. You might be right that the polis, the council, and maybe Celtic were at fault here. You haven’t managed to convince me.

  • scouse bhoy says:

    if it was not for sites like this one we would never get to the truth. it was bad enough before but since 2012 the media have been a disgrace .

    • Roonsa says:

      To be quite honest, Scouse Bhoy, I’m not seeing anything in either article posted here on this subject that is in anyway informing me of the truth as you would call it.

      I get the GB are angry. They might have a point. I really don’t know. Ye can’t just point the finger at the polis without having all your ducks in a row. Let’s get all the facts out in the public domain and make a call then.

      • 18871888 says:

        In fact, the polis don’t deal with parking; what they will do is to be on hand if the relevant branch asks for it. I suspect this is where the real blame lies. As for blaming any political party, as some one did, thatisjust some petty minded opportunist trying to smear an opponent; see Sarwar today, calling for someone’s head when, it seams (s)he has the backing of twenty senior medics.

        • Roonsa says:

          You don’t need to vote SNP to approve of independence. Anyone Celtic fan who votes for a Unionist party, Labour or otherwise, should be tarred and feathered.

  • Tommy McQuillan says:

    This was a blatant attack on the Celtic support and the green brigade in particular, over the appointment of Higgins in a security role at our club. It was spiteful, petty, childish and means that police Scotland think they’re above the law. Celtic need to fight this I agree wholeheartedly with you on that but our pusillanimous board will probably do nothing as per the norm. There comes a time when you have to fight your corner or you’ll be bullied for life. That’s what this is the police bullying Celtic and their support when we were collecting for foodbanks. It’s beneath contempt what they did and it sums every experience I’ve ever had with the police, they’re arrogance is astonishing. My dad used to say they were a necessary evil and he wasn’t wrong either. Not a word of condemnation from the press or media that I’ve seen so far but then again they all follow one club.

  • scouse bhoy says:

    in reply to roonsa. this is my point they are all contradicting one another only one can be telling the truth in this shambles and of course true to form the gutless media are posted missing.

    • Roonsa says:

      This is the way medua works up here, mate. If they did happen to deem the story newsworthy, they would get a quote from Police Scotland or the Council that condemned the action or absolved them of blame and that would be the end of it.

      The fact is we have a guy here who has the opportunity to deliver the facts and he’s not doing it. We are hearing rage but there’s no substance. I want to hear the GB’s side of things but in a balanced manner.

      Wasted opportunity in my mind. I remain unconvinced.

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