Hibs Are Needlessly Continuing This Stupid Debate Over Celtic’s Ticket Allocation.

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What the Hell are Hibs doing?

They are demanding more tickets for the League Cup Final because they sold out their allocation.

Guess what? So will we.

The season ticket holders who attended the semi-final through the club’s ticket scheme will be offered first refusal and then any remaining tickets will go on public sale. They’ll go in the first hour.

So should we demand more tickets when we do? No, because the game will be a complete sell-out. If they offered us 50,000 tickets the game would be a complete sell-out.

I do not know what their definition of fairness looks like, but I know the people who regular attend their games have all the tickets that they need plus many thousands more and the guys who regularly attend ours have half as many as we need, and that they are somehow the ones moaning about it. If they could see themselves they’d see it looks pretty shady.

Their club’s public posturing is for the media and for their own fans.

Some in the press will back them just to make mischief although barely 10,000 Hibs fans turned out for the semi-final. It will do not a single shred of good. The allocations are set and that’s the way of it.

So what are Hibs playing at here? This is simply strutting for the gallery of goons and Celtic haters.

Their club will not get a single extra brief and they know it.

They have a bee in their bonnet over this having failed to sell their semi-final allocation … if this was south of the border their wailing would not be entertained by the press even for five minutes.

In 2018 Aberdeen didn’t get a 50/50 split, and nor were they ever going to. Did they complain about it? No, although the press did do some moaning on their behalf.

But Aberdeen got 20,000 tickets and didn’t put up much of a fight over it.

Indeed, having sold only half that number for the semi-final against Ibrox (does that sound familiar, Hibs fans?) their chairman’s only concern was to make sure that those who had shown up for that game were given the first refusal on the briefs for the final itself.

“The fans that backed the team at the semi-final were fantastic and to ensure our supporters most deserving get access to the seats they desire, the board had no hesitation in securing a significant allocation of tickets,” their chairman said. “The decision to allow those that attended the semi-final to come in at the first phase followed feedback from our supporters.”

The Scottish Cup Final is another matter entirely, and I’ve been at those where Celtic could have filled the ground twice over and the opposition couldn’t sell all their own briefs.

I’m not saying that would have been the case with Hibs, but there would have been people at that game who haven’t attended one in years and probably won’t again for years to come … there, in front of guys in the Celtic support who go every week and would walk over broken glass for a ticket.

Hibs are keeping open an argument that is already won and lost, already over and done.

Their club should cease their moaning.

The issue is settled.

The matter is closed.

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