Kyogo Gripes Amongst Some Celtic Fans Are Very Unfair To Ange.

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The game hasn’t long finished, but already I see some griping and complaining about the manager playing Kyogo and Kyogo getting injured. Honestly, this nonsense does my head in.

The manager is damned when he does and he’s damned when he doesn’t because there’s a section of our supporters which, I think, just loves to have a wee moan about something.

The Kyogo complaints come thick and fast.

When he was brought on as a sub against Betis, the stadium cheered as he took the pitch. Afterwards, all I read were people saying he should never have been risked. No-one complained when he made the cup final squad and scored. But I read a fair amount of second guessing and bitching when he didn’t play on Wednesday.

He was in the team today, and I guarantee that nobody who is now shrieking about the manager having risked an unfit player was moaning when the team went up.

I said the manager had questions to answer in midweek. If Kyogo was available, he should have at least been on the bench. Ange confirmed that he wasn’t available. Today, whether Kyogo was fully fit or not, the manager had little choice in selecting him due to the savaging of our squad. Had he been left on the bench the same people would have been in arms.

Ange is working through one of the toughest spells any Celtic boss has had to deal with in many, many years. And he’s doing it well, and he’s bringing great credit on the club and on himself as a manager.

When he makes mistakes he will be criticised, and that’s just the nature of the business, but he ought not to be getting stick from this, from folk who would have had Kyogo starting every game as long as he was able to walk onto the pitch unaided.

It’s easy to act like a psychic seer after the fact; a manager has to gamble sometimes, and when you see the state of our squad before today’s game it was a gamble any manager in his position would have taken, especially with a break to let people heal and come back stronger. He doesn’t deserve to get stick for that at all.

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  • Celtic family says:

    This is about a section of our support who feel that they are better than Ange Postecoglu. They are brats. It’s that simple

  • Damian says:

    Agreed. Most fans know fuck all and only really care about being better than Rangers; the end.

    That’s why I’ve been worried for Ange, before I even knew who he was. The reality of this season always was that we were up against a Rangers team which finished 25 points clear of us last season.

    If we were ever to win the league this season, it would involve a swing the like of which has never (quite) been done before (while Rangers wage bill sits higher than ours).

    Ange has been a fantastic appointment. He is a real-deal coach and is clearly making us better. But, if the aggregate of our support will ultimately only judge him on whether or not he wins the league at the first time of asking, it could well be the case that folks ultimately turn against him. When they do, they will cite issues like the one in the article to support their nonsense, but all they’ll really mean is, ‘I can’t face being less good than Rangers’.

    This would be ridiculous, and it will be OUR loss. Objectively, someone else will see how good a coach he is and give him a job.

  • Peter Cassidy says:

    I think why we get so many muscle injuries is our pressing game but some of the pitches in the spl are poor that could effect some players but players need to be really fit and strong to play this will have a opinion why players should play or not but they don’t get paid many thousands of pounds per week thats down to the management who see players training daily not fans who see them on match days saying that some fans do talk a load of bull$hit .

  • David Newton says:

    After drawing 0-0 with St Midden mid-week what choices did Ange have?
    The devil he did and devil he didn’t.
    Simple, if Kyogo can play he wants to play, we want him playing as does Ange.
    So when he plays don’t give Ange pelters for playing him, Ange is paid to manage and Kyogo is paid to play

  • Roonsa says:

    I don’t care what eejits are saying. We won. We have time to get injured players fit again as well as bolster the squad as it currently stands. We are 6 points behind and we have a slightly better goal difference than Der Hun. I’ll take that.

  • John says:

    Totally agree with you on this one James. Damned if he did damned if he didn’t play the wee man.Had no choice considering the hand he had been dealt beforehand.
    I would just like to compliment the bhoys who were playing today for a thoroughly professional performance and fine result.I accept that it tailed off a bit in the 2nd half but 3 points was all that really mattered.We gave the usual gift await the back and this is something Ange really needs to address
    I know this may go against popular opnion but special mention to V Barkas who although not severely tested, performed well for someone out the picture for so long.

  • Mark B says:

    Agree he made right describing in my view we had to win and we have weeks to get players fit now. But Ange must fix our defensive position especially at set piece where we can’t defend and have zero threat . Six behind is a massive gap we just must win almost every game now.

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