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Tomorrow Celtic Fans Will Watch The First Minister In Mounting Disquiet.

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The cup draw for the Europa Conference League was today and I watched it with no nerves whatsoever and that’s unusual for a European draw, which I usually do feel some wariness before.

Even when we got near the end and Spurs were still possible, I didn’t feel the faintest trace of fear.

Tomorrow, I will watch Nicola Sturgeon speak with my stress-level off the scale.

At this point, none of us has any idea what that woman is going to say but I don’t like the signs for how this is going.

Today the Scottish Government announced that it will be suspending face-to-face select committee meetings from January onward, until God knows when. That’s the first sign that things behind the scenes are getting pretty damned serious.

Big changes to our lives are coming yet again, and I console myself with the knowledge that they are necessary and will save lives. But the impact will be enormous and there is no way that mass gathering events are going to be left just as they are.

The new variant isn’t going to give us that luxury, even in a milder form.

Too many are still unvaccinated.

Too many people are still in the “at risk” group.

The virus’s ability to break through and cause infection will play havoc with the too many aspects of our lives for that. It has to be slowed down as much as possible.

Right now, the League Cup Final is still going ahead.

Right now it’s still going ahead with a full capacity.

But we’re nearing the point where that is obvious folly, and in point of fact we may already have crossed that line without knowing about it. The size of this thing is genuinely scary.

The first hammer blows on football are almost certainly about to fall.

So tomorrow we’ll watch what she says, and hope that it’s nothing too dramatic.

But dramatic is only on hold.

It’ll only be delaying what looks inevitable.

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  • Robert Daily says:

    If it’s going to be another lockdown, do it right. Close the airports.

  • James Forrest says:

    Let me say this again for the hard of thinking;

    Covid deniers posts will NEVER appear on this site.

    People denying the reality of the emergency or claiming it’s some sort of government power grab; your posts will NEVER appear on this site.

    Conspiracy theories that this is manufactured to “hurt Celtic” will NEVER appear on this site.

    We deal here in FACTS AND REALITY not stuff that sounds like it was hoovered from the floor of the QAnon sites.

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