Moonhowling Sevconut Site Claims Bias In How Their Refereeing Decisions Are Covered.

Image for Moonhowling Sevconut Site Claims Bias In How Their Refereeing Decisions Are Covered.

If you didn’t know this by now, this will be what convince you that some of the Peepul who write for the Ibrox fan-sites are absolutely bat-shit.

Over at Vital Rangers – one of the worst of those sites, by far, for the lamentable nature of its work – they are howling at the moon tonight propagating the theory that it’s decisions which go their way which are over-scrutinised.

Bizarrely, they seem to be pushing the idea that decisions in favour of Celtic are hardly looked at.

You only have to consider the whingeing since Hearts left Parkhead, and the fact the head of referees showed up on national radio, on his day off, to explain the decisions in that game to recognise that anyone who thinks otherwise is clearly not wired right.

But “clearly not wired right” ought to be the official moto of many of an Ibrox fan-site, and that one in particular.

The writer has so obviously left the path of sanity that they’ll be sending out a searching party for him very soon.

They ought not to bother.

Let me give you a flavour of the madness.

They accused the Evening Times of subjecting the referee at Easter Road – John Beaton – to serious questioning over his decision making. They even helpfully provided a link.

You know what role that article played in pushing the idea that they get all the decisions?

None whatsoever.

It concluded that he made the right call.

They seem to be raging at an overdose of coverage of the incidents at Tynecastle at the weekend.

Know how much scrutiny those were given? None.

Not even Robbie Neilson, who did a power of complaining leaving Parkhead, made any kind of song and dance about them.

But Michael Stewart questioned a possible penalty on Radio Scotland, which is what seems to have provoked this gushing of self-pity and delusional ranting.

The article defending the Hearts player’s red card, which not a living soul was complaining about. The question as to whether Barisic deserved one for his thuggish response was somehow skipped over.

Which is fitting since most of the press skipped over it as well.

It ends with a right good moan about the free-kick in our game, which I get the impression was the whole point of this moronic article … and seems to be suggesting that everyone in the media ignored it.

But you all read the same reports I did and saw it dissected like an episode of Making A Murderer.

So what the Hell is the loony who wrote this foaming about?

They really are feeling the pressure at the moment, aren’t they?

I think some of it is Ange and the football machine at Celtic and some of it is knowing that VAR is coming and that some of the dodgy decisions they get will be put a stop to.

When the head of referees has to call into BT Sports Scottish Football show in his housecoat and slippers because the media is demanding answers as to why they got a dodgy penalty then they can moan their wee faces off about it.

Until then, Peepul on those sites just look like bigger idiots with every paranoid rant like this.

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  • scott mctaggart says:

    var stopping dodgy calls i will wait and see on that score it will be the same cabal of corrupt bastards making those calls have you forgot your history or what country you live in

  • Bigmick says:

    Plain and simple, James…a huge percentage of them are just not right in the fucking head.

  • Roonsa says:

    I genuinely couldn’t care less what they think or what oter people think of them. I only care about how Celtic is reported. Hence the reason I get all my Celtic related info from sites like this one.

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