Celtic’s Call-Up News Places Ibrox In A Hilariously Difficult Position.

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Last night, Hagi went off injured during Ibrox’s game against Stirling Albion.

The impact of it is still unknown, but their fans are concerned that might miss 2 February. At 5am this morning, Japan gave us the news we’d expected; we’ve lost Maeda for that game and for the match against Hearts.

But our other Japanese players remain in Glasgow, and Kyogo is racing the clock.

What is now certain is that we cannot request a postponement, not that we would want to in these circumstances. I always felt that it would take five call ups or more before we would pursue the idea.

The very option is off the table … and that has amusing consequences.

At Ibrox, they don’t have the right to request one either but that possibility still looms if Kemar Roofe is selected for Jamaica. They will be missing Aribo and Morelos for sure.

Throw Roofe and Hagi in and you can see why they might have wanted to call it off.

But they won’t of course, because they have already stated their opposition to the idea.

Right from the start, when it became clear that they might lose a number of their star men, they clung to one hope, and it was a false one right from the start; that Celtic would be the ones to request the call-off and that they could publicly complain whilst privately welcoming it.

Ange saw through that, as everyone at Celtic did.

We kept our options open, never actually declaring any position one way or another. It was smart not to do so.

That strategy has been vindicated just like everything else. If Ibrox wants to postpone, in order to get Morelos and Aribo into the game, they have to request it themselves and eat the largest plate of humble pie ever served.

Their underlying strategy has been pretty pitiful.

It was obvious from the way the media started to push us on this that they were doing so because Ibrox might want the game called off. Celtic played it beautifully and now we’ve left their club facing major absences or major embarrassment.

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  • Bhoy4life says:

    Sevco? Major embarrassment?
    U cudny mark them.
    As for the media, they are just the same, they’ll push anything they need to for “their club” without any shame at all.
    It’ll be spun as we wanted it but couldn’t so they’ve helped us out.

  • scouse bhoy says:

    they are beyond embarrassment the failure of any accountability for the two george square riots just sums up the whole sorry state of affairs in this best ? wee country.

  • SSMPM says:

    Can’t wait til February. We’re 3 wins away from sevco’s Downfall (1st book was a great read). As for the hun press keep bringing it on because we don’t read your lies or listen to the media bile from the institutional beeb bigots. Down side is I don’t get to see their sad contorted faces or listen to their anger. That’s down to JF. C’mon a Hoops. HH

  • Gerry Brown says:

    What makes you think they won’t request it as it could be embarrassing? A club with double standards like no other! You couldn’t give them a red neck with a blow torch!

  • Bob (original) says:

    The Ibrox support must be raging that the Blue Room hasn’t bought any new players to bolster the squad!

    An accumulated debt of c.£100M might be causing problems for the 10 year old club. 🙂

  • Jack says:

    BBC Scotland continue to push the “Old Firm” fantasy in their build up to the game against the zombie tribute act that is Sevco. This takes BBC closer to their unavoidable demise due to their inability to come to terms with reality.

  • Edward Mc Graw says:

    Regardless of whether they call the game off or not,they won’t feel embarrassed,this is sevco we’re talking about here,they can manipulate rules,invent imaginary” dossiers”, they can wreak havoc on their own city,they can even whine about injustice when recieving a first domestic red card in over two years,they can do all this without the slightest twinge of embarrassment,even if they do indeed request a postponement,they,and a compliant media,will find a way to implicate Celtic

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