Do Celtic Have “Injury Problems” Or A Brand New “Injury Crisis?”

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If someone had said to us all even just a couple of months ago that we would be going into the tie against the Ibrox club minus our number one forward, his back-up striker and all three of our first pick midfield starters, you’d have called that a crisis, right?

Because by any definition, that’s exactly what it would look like. Long term injuries have kept Turnbull on the side-lines. Now McGregor joins him. Rogic is off playing for Australia. Kyogo might or might not make it, but most of the reports don’t sound good and Maeda leaves to go and play for Japan with these massive games looming in front of us.

By any available definition, that is not a good situation to be in.

And yet … and yet … and yet …

Prior to yesterday, we knew we’d be without Rogic, Turnbull, Kyogo and Maeda and most of us were fairly relaxed about it. Even those who dare not even hope to see the Japanese striker recover from his injury in time to take the pitch.

Yet this where the real strength of Celtic will start to become clear. This is where our January business will start, already, to pay major dividends. Because the central midfield was already the strongest area of the squad, and this month we’ve strengthened it further.

Even without our three first picks, we have no fewer than six players to compete for three slots; seven if you want to play Jota behind the forwards in the Rogic and Turnbull attacking midfielder role. The word “options” is oft times overused, but it’s applicable here.

Provided Ideguchi makes it, he will compete with O’Riley, McCarthy, Bitton, Hatate and Soro for a place in the midfield three. That’s what you call strength in depth. That’s because we did our work well and we did our work smart this window.

Three of those guys are new signings, and we already know that two are pretty decent. We know that McCarthy and Soro can do a job for you at a push. Bitton is one of the unsung heroes of the campaign and none of us have any fears about playing him in his traditional midfield role. O’Riley, we’ve not seen yet but the reports are all good.

We will know more, of course, on Wednesday night. But I think we can be optimistic, because a bunch of these guys are established internationals and we’ve seen already, what most of them can bring. It will be interesting to see who Ange picks as his starters in midweek; that’s going to tell us who he has his eyes on for the game at Celtic Park.

A few months ago we would legitimately have seen this as an injury “crisis.” But our January business has rendered it an “injury issue” and that’s not the same thing.

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  • Roonsa says:

    Where our problem lies, James, is the lack of protection for our players. All 3 injuries from last night were a result of hefty challenges. Compare that to Auchinleck v Hearts. The ref was absolutely abysmal but no players injured. Same for the scum against whatever shower a clodhoppers they beat on Friday. Why is it Celtic when always end up with injuries? Doesn’t take a genius to work that one out

  • Seppington says:

    If we believe refs are negligent we should sue them and the SFA into the gutter where their hun brethren live. These guys should be made to take personal responsibility. If you send your child to nursery and they end up injured due to negligence on the teacher’s part you would sue them and the nursery. Our players are our metaphorical children, we must ensure their safety. Threaten these wallopers with losing everything and they’ll shape up sharp.

    • Roonsa says:

      The huns are screaming for VAR because Broony rode them like little bitches and that lot don’t like it up them one bit. Bring it on. If we had VAR we’d have seen at least one red card last night (for the challenge on Guchi).

      Another concern, for me, is that it was another lacklustre performance on a plastic pitch. We have at least one more visit to Livingston to consider before the end of thrle season. That second half performance was really poor. We had 2 really exellent chances to make it 3 then 4 before they made it 2-1. Which was another concern as it was yet another cross ball into the box that saw our centre halves posted missing.

      After the Hibs game I was right up for Hearts away. My confidence has now waned slightly. If we create a goal scoring opportunity we need to be doing better than we did last night. If there is a set piece or cross ball into or near our 6 yard box, we need big Joe to be taking charge or orchestrating his back line. That’s your job, Joe – not telling some third rate player from the opposition why he shouldn’t be trying to break fucking legs!!!!

  • Tom Foolery says:

    Another mediocre performance. I’m now losing confidence that this team can win the league….so much so that after last nights performance i’m now wondering if after the next 4 league games will we be challenging for the title or if we will be in a fight for second place…I just don’t know. The only thing giving me hope right now is that sevco are also mediocre. On another note, Starfelt is not a disaster waiting to happen he’s a catastrophe waiting to happen. Why certain sections of our support think this guys a good yin is beyond me. Also the irony wasn’t lost on me regarding Abada he can’t take players on, he can’t cross the ball and he can’t pass the ball and it was his piss poor passing abilities that actually lead to him scoring the winner.

  • Henry says:

    Plastic pitch I know but thought we were really poor last night. Rogic was off form again, the comment above on Abada is correct. I will excuse Giakoumakis & Maeda as the service was terrible but I have serious doubts about our Greek No7. Why we gave McCarthy a 4 year contract is beyond me. He is a liability.

    At some point you have to take a chance and cross the ball, which we seem incapable of doing. Look at our rivals. They have Tavernier .putting early crosses in and it gets them results. We could also do with a player running past the man with the ball rather than playing pretty passes with him. Bitton should have been moved on years ago. Peter Grant syndrome all over again, he is there year after year, manager after manager but nobody knows why.

    • Seppington says:

      Giakoumakis has played about five minutes for us, give him a chance. Remember when Hartson came to the club and didn’t score for about 12 matches? Where you saying the same guff about him then?

      I don’t know if half of these recent commenters are children or just have the minds of children but they need to get a grip of themselves. Or maybe they’re all hunterlopers, in which case, please do the universe a favour and throw yourselves in front of speeding trains at your earliest convenience.

  • Henry says:

    Im just saying I have my doubts. He missed another easy chance yesterday

    • Seppington says:

      On a plastic pitch which, from what they were saying during commentary, was “sticky”, and though he missed a great chance he scored one as well (or does that not count because of the other miss?). Have doubts when he’s had a run of games and had a real chance to show us what he’s got. A few sub appearances and last night isn’t much to base an opinion on.

  • Seppington says:

    “Hunterloper” is a portmanteau of “hun” and “interloper”, I would have thought that obvious to anyone with half a brain.

    I never said he was my MVP or anything, I just said he was outstanding this season in games where he has been played in his NATURAL POSITION, which he hasn’t really been prior to this season.

    It seems to me you lack intelligence all round if you can’t read plain English. Perhaps you have had a “non-denominational” education?

  • Jimmy says:

    Absolutely spot on James. Despite players not being available our strength in depth still makes me feel confident going into the series of games coming up.

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