If He’s Ready To Turn Down Celtic, Riley McGee Has Told Us What His Priorities Are.

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Every player has a price.

That’s one of the great truisms of football.

But every club has a number, and over that line they will not go.

As Ange has been involved in the negotiations for Riley McGee, and as he knows this guy well as a footballer, you have to imagine that he agrees with the number that the club has put to him. And that’s where we are.

If Riley McGee has turned that number down, if he prefers English second tier football, and money, instead of European football, trophies and a little less money then he fails to hit one of Ange’s most important boxes; the one that says “I only want people who want to be here.”

Perhaps this is an agent thing.

Personal terms aren’t always down to the player, and the player was apparently sold on coming here to play for Ange. Maybe this is a little bit of brinksmanship; if it is then it won’t be Celtic who blinks, that’s for sure.

And perhaps Riley McGee has other priorities.

He is entitled to follow those, but we have no use for that here, no use for those who don’t see our vision clearly.

Middlesbrough are interested; if that’s the level he’s considering, if that’s more attractive to him, then it’s “toddle on mate and enjoy the rest of your career.” We move on to Plan B.

No harm to McGee, but I hadn’t even heard of him until a week ago and although the manager rates him the fact he’s another Aussie – and thus we’re susceptible to losing him at the same time as so many other players – was something I was slightly disquieted about; if Plan B is an EU based player I think I’d be pretty happy with the outcome.

This one has a way to go yet I suspect.

If the deal is done, then we’ll celebrate it.

If it’s not done, then we proceed to the next one. Trust in the manager.

It’s his writ that will run here.

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  • Henry says:

    His name is McGree, not McGee. On the more important point, if he doesn’t sign, it will be a pity as he has a definite eye for goal, but so be it. In terms of alternatives, I don’t like the look of the Iranian fellow at all, as most of his goals are against non existent defences. The Algerian guy looks a suitable alternative though.

  • David says:

    It’s only paper talk. We all know what Scottish papers have to make things p about celtic coz they have nothing else to put in there papers. Let’s wait and see. It was only yesterday that a fee was agreed with players club and if middleburge thought they had a chance to sign mcgree then they only had to match celtic offer not as papers put they increased celtic offer by more than 2million and. I can’t believe a club in championship would do that yes mayb offer more wages

  • Seppington says:

    If it’s the agent then fire him. He works for you Riley, you pay him to do what you want, don’t forget that. Of course you might be telling him to do this and if that is case I hope you enjoy the barren wasteland of big-money pointless irrelevancy that for most players is the English Championship.

    I hope he realises that clubs have a habit of instantly shedding players that helped them gain promotion…

  • Fartmuncher says:


  • JimBhoy says:

    He has every right to explore his options but as you say James he has a solid offer on the table with one of the biggest clubs in the world. He wont get a better platform to showcase himself for his next big move. He won’t have a better platform to enjoy winnning trophies. Lastly Celtic are a far better team than middlesboro so he has the chance to better himself with better players around him.

  • John Hughes says:

    Agents greed .player wanted European football and too win trophies .benkovic free from Leicester if he wants too come but another agent there full of greed in ange we trust ??

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