Keevins Doesn’t “Feel Sorry For Celtic.” He And His Profession Mourn For Themselves.

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Today, Keevins was yammering away in his latest article about how much sympathy he felt for us and for the club across the city when Nathan Patterson spoke of his arriving at Goodison to find that the long-term stalwart he’s replacing is a die-hard Celtic fan.

Keevins feels sorry for us – he says – because Coleman would have loved to be part of a Celtic team playing in the English league. I daresay he’s right. He mourns that Celtic and the club across the city do not get to test themselves in that environment.

But you know what?

It’s bullshit, and it’s the same old bullshit our media has been talking for years and I long since lost patience with it.

Keevins and the hacks have been pushing this line for as long as I can remember, and I’ve never thought it was about the good of the clubs.

It certainly is not for the good of the Scottish game as a whole; no group does more to talk down the sport in this country than the West of Scotland media that is supposed to cover it.

They are a joke. They would reduce this game to the League Of Ireland and for what end?

For their own glorification, of course.

For decades they framed the whole game around two clubs.

They are the purveyors of the Survival Lie in part because their own relevance depends on it.

Without being able to cover “the Old Firm” as they label it, what would their own worth be? Not even provincial nobodies covering a backwater. These guys could not abide the loss of their own prestige.

This is about their own egotism, nothing more.

These people want to swan around the boardrooms of Old Trafford and Stamford Bridge and have access to the players they idolise from afar. They want to travel in luxury to European finals as swaggering “representatives” of super-clubs; but these people are parasites living off the sport and sucking the marrow from its bones.

And you know what? Fair play to them, if only they admitted it.

If the English lost their TV money a lot of their own hacks would pine for the days when they covered the biggest league in the world. They would miss the fame that conferred on them, and the cash too probably.

Where I have a real problem with what the hacks here do is in their constant denigration of the game and their insistence that we should view it as they do; as some show entirely distant from the real one south of the border.

We are told that we should aspire to “more” than just being English football’s poor relation, and that’s a noble ambition until you realise what they mean is that we should get out the begging bowl and go whoring it to their league and take whatever we’re offered.

If that means starting at the bottom so be it; but maybe Celtic sees itself as too big a club to start at the bottom of the English pyramid.

At the same time, we’re constantly told that we should be almost ashamed of our own triumphs and achievements.

That it is somehow small-minded to want to win your domestic league and not fantasise about coming sixth in another one.

The media here in Scotland wastes a lot of its energy on this issue, a dead issue, instead of promoting what we have right here.

They scorn it instead.

It is they who long for England; I think some of them fantasise about press awards in London, about hobnobbing with the cream at the very top. I think guys like Keith Jackson actually believe they could get a seat at a table there … what idiots they are.

It wouldn’t matter what games these people were covering; Hugh Keevins isn’t going to turn into Jamie Jackson or Chris Jack into Jonathon Wilson. English sportswriters are so far in front of this lot and their ilk that it’s where the real gulf lies.

Not a one of these desperados is in that class; even covering our local product is too much for their stunted intellects.

Keevins feels sad only for himself and his dying trade, and it wasn’t Scottish football being a backwater that killed that trade. It was their advertisement of Scottish football as a backwater.

And it’s only one if you look at it through the English lens.

There are enough of us in the blogosphere making a living covering our own clubs to convince you that Scottish football could have a media like that south of the border, if the proprietors of the major outlets didn’t dumb down and treat the audience like mugs.

That is the real shame here. That is the real thing to feel sorry over.

That our game has such abysmal coverage around it.

Instead of enjoying what we have they long for something else, and that taints almost everything they do, that and the bias favouring one club.

Keevins should spare us the pity sermon.

We don’t need to hear it because we know who it’s really for.

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  • Robert Jenkins says:

    Interesting article, James. Well done.

    If Celtic and Sevco went into the English league my belief is that the two clubs would go in different directions.

    Celtic would have to rebuild Celtic Park to become one of the biggest stadiums in the world (The Emirates Celticdome?) and would become one of the biggest clubs in the world due to our magnificent support.

    Sevco would lose the lot. The English authorities and press would be onto them as soon as possible, the bigotry would be slammed, don’t want to advertise the sponsors…fined. Share issues every month to pay bills? Not going to happen.

    • Scouse bhoy says:

      Does he stand by what he told andy gray ?. That is the only question he needs to be asked so what is it hugh ?

    • Stephen McAdam says:

      You nailed it mate! We have a 80 000 seater! We are already a true Global club! And only one here! I know having lived and worked overseas we are Everywhere as it a privilege to br part of our Great club and we carry that with class and friendless! And people know and see it and your right ” der hun” would cause mayhem like they have everywhere they have ever went! Everywhere! The police and England know that only to well and unlike ” brigadoon” the poison wouldnt get a pass our a compliant police force, government or media to ” balance it” There us no balance we are a Great club we are the club we love our club! The filth of govan use theirs for their vile hatred it’s a sickness! But james I do want to leave this place our Great club does deserve it! Keevins is an old ” uncle tim ” type Celtic fan ” keep the heid down son” he convinced himself there no bias against our club in essence the man is a Joke an intelligent one yes but a joke none the less he put on a pantomime suit 40 years ago and kept it one Pathetic little man and no doubt an embarrassment to his extended family of Celtic people he is a disgrace as Alex Thompson proved on that show 10 years back during the death of oldco

  • John says:

    James, don’t know why you give Kevin’s so much air time in your blog. No self respecting Celtic fan would give a sh*t what he says about our club. He’s a total irrelevance in the football world as well as being a twat. Best ignored! Probably reads this blog and gets perverse pleasure at all the attention he gets.

  • John Keegan says:

    Brilliant assessment of fact

  • Scouse bhoy says:

    Any talk of 55 or 150 needs this live radio to be heard when andy gray was told the stark truth of the demise of oldco ?eaving behind a shameful mountain of debt. Over to you hugh are you there ?

  • REBELLIOUS says:

    Scum James, just like the klub they favour.
    Even if they did get their act together it’s way too late now, I wouldn’t buy their comics even if it improved by a factor of 100. Not bought a newspaper in over 30 years.
    The bloggers have it covered, and then some.
    Let the lot of them circle the drain and DI DIE DEID DEEDAFIED they’ve had their day

    Even if those ‘newspapers’ were free I wouldn’t have one in my house, never,

    I’ve recalled the last newspapers I bought in 1992, my mother wanted an ET as we were leaving a shopping centre in Kirkintilloch.
    I bought 33 ET’s because the deal was buy a paper and get a FREE full size can of Murphy’s !!
    I asked the girl is it only one paper per person, NO she replied.
    I asked how many papers she had, 33 she replied.
    I bought the lot.
    She then said after giving me the Murphy’s that maybe it was only one per person, then added ‘but I’m done for the day so I don’t care’
    There was 32 unordered copies of ET’s delivered free to all of my neighbours.
    I had beer for the night and my neighbours all got a free paper. True story.

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