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Anti-Celtic Hatred Morphs Into Racism As The Goons Gallery Protests The Japanese Flag.

Image for Anti-Celtic Hatred Morphs Into Racism As The Goons Gallery Protests The Japanese Flag.

By now, I assume everyone has heard the story of The Cross Keys bar in Wishaw and the avalanche of bile they are getting over their flying of the Japanese flag.

The council has been inundated with complaints. The press has written false stories claiming the license owner has told them to take it down. The most repulsive of the Peepul continue to put on the pressure, which now manifests itself in some of them threatening to take it down personally. And through it all, the bar stands firm and the flag still flies.

The racism behind this, and the anti-Celtic hatred, is not even thinly disguised; it’s worn right there out in the open.

Even the pathetic justification for the “anger” is brazenly bigoted.

Apparently that flag is an “insult” to those who fought in the Second World War.

Now, let me be clear; when they make this claim it’s not as spurious as it seems to be on the surface, where it seems about as ersatz as powdered egg. I have no doubt that some of them do genuinely lose their minds over that flag, but to them you’d need to ask why the Italian flag doesn’t offend them, and it flies from restaurants all over the country.

Equally, I am sure there were German flags flying outside their own stinking boozers when Albertz was scoring goals and that didn’t seem to annoy them either.

They might not realise it – they are thick so I assume they don’t – that it’s this failure to get so upset over Italian flags or German flags which is the root of my contention that their behaviour here stinks of racism.

The reason is that those are predominantly white, European countries and a certain subsect on this island has always been more ready to forgive them than the one Asian nation to take part on the Axis side of that war.

I can, of course, think of one imperial flag, and a European one at that, which is even more steeped in blood than the Japanese one will ever be; Bloody Sunday was only a few weeks ago, after all, so it’s kind of hard to get the idea out of my head.

This country could give the world lessons in imperialism; we were amongst its outriders and first offenders, after all. It’s not for nothing that citizens all over the globe refer to the British flag as “the butchers apron.”

Aside from that, there’s also the pungent stench of militarism and the glorification of war itself in this perverse holding onto a grudge almost 80 years after the war ended.

Japan, since then, has become one of the most peaceable nations on Earth; they learned lessons from the war in the way the French and Germans did, namely that war itself was a grotesquery which should never be repeated.

Too many here haven’t grasped that, and especially not at the Ibrox club which alone of every one in Britain is probably praying for a major flare-up in the Ukraine (don’t even get me started on that subject) so that they can swing into action “behind the troops.”

It is as ghastly and sickening as their other dark obsession.

It all stinks to high heaven, even if you buy this excuse in the first place.

Because although there’s a core of truth in it there’s a bigger truth of course, which is that it’s a convenient cover for another version of their hatred, which is the hatred of us.

It makes them sick to see these players come over here and so utterly dominate … and what that flag is to them is a sign of where this club is, and how its global footprint is making us attractive to people everywhere.

I’m sure the story of The Cross Keys going viral – which it has lately – makes the Japanese people wonder if everyone here is playing with a full deck … but once again, that doesn’t reflect on our community but on theirs.

And their community is increasingly batshit, right-wing, viciously bigoted and blind to the tremendous damage that is inflicted upon it by its own rabid behaviour.

The guys from the Cross Keys should have the full backing of everyone who sees Scotland for the multi-cultural nation that it is.

It is the goons who are banging their drum about a flag who are the aberration and this whole affair only demonstrates how desperately Scotland needs to move completely away from their toxic mind-set.

Keep on flying the flag boys, for the good people out there.

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  • John S says:

    Should the British Imperial flag be taken down on account of its lead on slavery ?

  • GourockTim says:

    And, of course the flag they are objecting to is not the national flag of Japan as it was during the war.The Japanese themselves redesigned the flag with the white- for peace – as the background; a nod to the horrors they themselves are ashamed of. The war time flag what the red centre with multiple diaganol lines sometimes known as the flag of the rising sun.

    If only those criticising were only half aware of what they’re protesting about. Then again that takes a little education which almost always seems beyond their bigoted, ignorant minds.

  • Ed says:

    And don’t forget the imperial flag that Japan used during the war wasn’t this flag. It was the flag of the rising sun. The dot is more to the side with 7 red sunrays comming from it.
    So even veterans of World War 2 (Which by now are all 90+) wouldn’t be triggered by this flag.
    I want to know what the Japanese ambasy makes out of all this, if a city council tries to take this down.

    • Damian says:

      No chance anyone is asking anyone to take it down. The initial ‘complaint’ was as pathetic and hilarious as it was wretched. There is no basis upon which anyone could make the request in any case.

  • Bob (original) says:

    As a club with a claimed, worldwide support,

    I wonder what their Japanese based supporters think ?

    “Everyone Anyone” but take down that flag, or else!

    Not very inclusive.

  • Joeshug says:

    Typical thickos they wave the union jack and Raleigh round a German monarchy originally from the house of SAXE-COBERG-GOTHA the only reason there is a union jack is because England invaded Scotland, Wales and Ireland so if sevco fans want to push the war on people they should look up there history. My grandfather fought on the beaches at Dunkirk for freedom not for German rule. The National Front use the union jack no doubt they back them to the hilt. RACISTS, SECTARIAN IDIOTS.

  • Justshatered says:

    Wishaw is a ‘curious’ place.
    I remember in my youth a riot broke out over an Irish march (not sure if it was a Jame Connelly or St. Patrick’s
    day march) in the town. A Police van was overturned and the parade itself was ambushed af Wishaw Cross.
    This despite the fact there is an Orage parade of one type or another virtually every weekend from April through to the end of August.
    Whenever these marches occur the route generally passes the Cross Keys and the bands are allowed to stop and play for as long as they wish as the Police stand bt and watch.
    The building of a new Catholic Primary School also enraged a group called “The Wishaw Rate Payers” but everyone knew who and what these Peeple were..
    People talk about Larkgall but Wishaw is a warped and twisted little town with small minded and twisted little people.
    The fact that North Lanarkshire Council has not called these ‘protesters ‘ exactly what they are shows how strong a hold they have over elected officials or those very officials are part of the problem.

    • Jimmy says:

      As someone who lived in Wishaw for 56 years.. Wtf. Lots of Celtic supporters live here.. Vans getting turned over, nonsence. Also lodge marches don’t play for as long as they want.

      • Stesan says:

        Correct jimmy and none these cretins would go near the key to take down anything, loads Celts in the area loads! Nothing like larkhall,guy talking nonsense

      • Justshatered says:

        I didn’t say vans, said van and it happened where Woolworths was in the late 70’s I think and I’m sure that was the same day of the ambush at the top cross.
        There are a lot of Celtic fans in Wishaw I never said there wasn’t. The Keys and old Young Street busses were always busy.
        If you are 56 then you will remember when they tried to build the new St. Ignatius primary school and The Wishaw Rate Payers group.
        The school was eventually built along with a non-denominational school on the same campus: one entrance that divides into two entrances internally for the two schools on the inside. A few years ago a similar group complained about a crucifix above the internal entrance of St. Ignatius.
        Those are the small minded Peeple I’m talking about. Their orejudice is ingrained in them. They dislike anything that is not in their own image.

  • Jimmy Devlin says:

    Excellent.well said

  • Ciaran Finn says:

    I guess none these idiots have electrical goods in their homes,

  • Pan says:

    What kind of family groups do these peepul belong to?
    Where do they learn this hatred? Is it family, school or club or a permutation of these?
    I would guess that the family and the club they support are the biggest culprits.
    There is no reasoning or logic behind this.
    Why is Scottish civic society so afraid to deal with this? Are they afraid of them?
    Our Government and politicians and our police are letting us down badly.
    Multicultural Scotland? You must be having a laugh.

    • Stesan says:

      We know what and who they are! Surely you know these people are bitter to the core and not just the ” orange walk” halfwit types it’s the enablers in position if influence that keep this going as they been brought up with this sick mindset to, hence they need us to be ” all as bas as each other bs” which is utter bs! But that mindset allows them to feel comfortable about their hate sadly many people as in casual people believe it! When that club died in 2012 that govan hellhole breeding ground if hate should been bulldozed! These people have a sickness I am sure many here like me could tell many a story ,when I lived in Australia I told my girlfriend family about it as was during the lennon situation they couldnt believe it ” in a civilised society ” they asked , yep this brigadoon Scotland! Were der hun can do as he/ she wants! Utter posion!

  • Dora says:

    Brilliant piece James.
    Another tick on that most popular klub and it’s pathetic, skum support..

  • Anthony McKeirnan says:

    If they’re so offended at the sight of flags belonging to countries that have in their words “committed war crimes against their country” they must really hate going ibrox and seeing all those England flags and Union Jack’s, no country will ever come close to having done as much harm to Scotland and its people than them

  • James Mahon says:

    Excellent Article we all know what the other team Newco stand for Or Should 1 say Against Well said and written Biggots .Don’t get me started ???? Irish Flag over Parkhead ??? Any 1 remember

  • SSMPM says:

    Aye that’s a great article James but I’m sick of this very badly veiled racism and off for some sushi in my Toyota. HH

  • James Kelly says:

    It might be an idea to remind the racist,ignorant scum, that the flag used during the second World War by the Japanese, was the rising sun. Also their war time leader, Emperor Horohito, was welcomed with open arms after the war and honoured with a state visit, by no other than their fucking Queen.

  • John says:

    The ‘Rising Sun’ flag with rays emanating from the sun is the BAD one. It is the equivalent of a Swaztika. The Japanese red circle flag is the flag of the nation. They are different people. Half the people protesting are probably driving round in Japanese cars.
    Japan, domestically is pacifist, but is in the pocket of the US militarily and will be America’s buffer against Chinese aggression, should it come to that.
    Good job there aren’t many Japanese Catholics!

  • Jimmy says:

    As stated by the pub twitter account nobody has asked the Keys to take it down and they won’t. A few clowns from the Ludge have no say on this. As a former Wishaw punter, takes a lot more than a few clowns to put us off. Long live all the Celtic pubs in Wishaw. There used to be a lot more but with the Ravenscraig shutting lots of pubs were lost.

  • Stesan says:

    Come from this area let me just say none these cretins will have the bottle to go bear the keys to take anything down! like all Celtic pubs good peope welcoming and plenty guys with sympathies for oldco been in their drinking no hassle, as they rather be around Celtic guys and ghirls than that posion! and we know why they are up in arms! My brother sent me stuff few days ago from twitter absolute poison are these orcs. They are as you say dying to show there perma rage as they are the racists , and it’s their issue and The World knows it! Hail Hail we shall not be moved

  • Alan Main says:

    I wholly agree with your blog,the imperial and dare a say,and colonial flag is covered in blood,like you would not believe,I’m Scotish and proud of that,and of Irish heritage on my mums side,and proud of that too,hence a supporter of the Celts,and the Cross keys bar has every right to fly the flag they wany its only a tribute to the great Japanese players we have got,who are lighting up Scottish football,the other side only bang there drum to hatred and speak of war,all they ever shout and want,anyway from a boy from Springburn,who moved away as a teenager over 40 years ago,miss the my great city Glasgow and the funniest people you could ever meet Hail Hail!and to the Cross Keys in Wishaw keep up yer Flag we are the real people!

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