Sky Has Remarkably Just “Clarified” Its Own Stance On The Kris Boyd Controversy.

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Tonight, the Kris Boyd saga took another bizarre turn.

Earlier today, I wrote a piece on how their response to Celtic fan complaints over the Kris Boyd incident has resulted in a flurry of replies which simply aren’t up to par. In the one that was highlighted by The Celtic Star, and which I based the piece on, the responder actually said that they considered the player’s comments to be “good natured.”

I imagine that did not go over well with Celtic.

It most certainly did not go over well with our fans, who are disgusted that the broadcaster would make such a statement, almost as if they are only partially aware of what it was that Boyd actually wrote … or worse, don’t care.

That, in fact, was the overall impression I got of what they had written, especially when they went on to say that what he does outside of the environs of their studio has nothing to do with them, a quite ridiculous statement which was almost certain to self-detonate on them at some point, and maybe quite severely.

Sky’s response was clearly grossly unsatisfactory; whether it was a steer from Celtic or from elsewhere, The Herald must have gone looking for their own update on the matter, and they got back something that was very different in tone from what the fans did.

And something that suggests that Boyd got his wrists slapped at the very least.

“We are aware of Kris Boyd’s comments made in his column in the Scottish Sun, which he has since clarified and about which he has reached out to Celtic captain Callum McGregor privately,” they told The Herald. “Even though these comments were not made on Sky Sports, Kris has been reminded about the language and context he uses in articulating and telling a story.”

This is as close to an admission that he’s had his small ones toed as you are going to get. I would imagine Celtic’s continuing anger had a lot to do with that, but I also reckon that someone within the Sky hierarchy isn’t terribly impressed by the idea that its correspondents can do and say whatever the Hell they like as long as it’s not in their house.

It’s still a fairly weak statement, in particular that last line which again attempts to minimise what was a pretty clear-cut expression of his desire to see our captain seriously injured, but as a sign that Boyd has been put on notice goes, I’ll take it.

What should concern them, of course, is that they are now on notice as well; Boyd is a bitter little man without a shred of self-control.

As I wrote in a previous piece this is actually the second time in this campaign that his personal animus has bled into an article to the extent he seems to be condoning, even rooting for, violence … his piece on Leigh Griffiths visiting Ibrox with Dundee was equally shocking. It is a matter of time before there is a repeat of it. Sky better be prepared for it.

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  • Frankie Pearson says:

    This will happen again because this clown does not have even the slightest bit of brain in his head.Sky are dredging the very bottom of the barrel, I will not even cry him a pundit useless bit of space .

  • Kyogos Dream Team says:

    The Fat Cunt shd be taken intae a DARKENED ALLEY & FUKIN LEATHERED!! See how good he talks wae his SMUG COUPONS TEETH oan the pavement lol!


      Not a very clever comment in the context of the implied incitement to violence against our Captain made by Boyd, the Idiots idiot.

  • SSMPM says:

    If they did write that then I don’t believe they meant it. Considering how they bang on about how they support an anti discriminatory/oppressive stance, they don’t ever seem to find fault in the Blob and rankers supporters said racist behaviour at home and away, particularly in Europe. Only EUFA addresses that and that’s a national institutional disgrace. The racist outbursts at the midden repeatedly fired at Scott Sinclair for one should have seen them and the disgraced SFA act strongly, seriously strongly – to make this country a better place. Nought. Indeed both the SFA and sky have been supporting and promoting that club since and turning blind eyes all over the face just as they Scottish government do.
    Having a face that looks both ways is unacceptable. They continue to employ the Blob, so enough said. More bla bla bla. Best thing they can do now is get rid of him and send me his brain – because I’m building an idiot. HH

  • Jim Seggie says:

    I have at last cancelled my Sky subscription, had enough of that clown and his bigoted cronies. Hail Hail

  • Roonsa says:

    Sky is the broadcaster, let’s remember, that slapped Jamie Carragher on the wrist after he was proven to have spat at a Man Utd fan from his car after a Manu U v Liverpool match. So you think they are going to take Boyd’s actions any more seriously?

    The only way to deal with Sky is to take your business elsewhere. There are other options for watching football. Eveyone knows about it and it mostly works well. There are also alternatives you can pay a fee for (a fraction of what you have to pay for Sky Sports) which (if done correctly) are 99% foolproof.

    Give Sky nothing. Why pay into Boyd’s or McCoist’s pension pot?

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