Celtic Put On Another Shaky Second Half Showing, But They Still Secure Three Big Points.

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That was grim viewing for much of the second half, as our horrific tendency in some games to turn up for only 45 minutes showed itself and then some. We lost a two goal advantage in the most abysmal way.

But this team is stronger mentally than it’s ever been and we responded to the loss of the lead within a minute, went right up the park and scored.

Yes, that’s the mark – and the mentality – of champions folks, which is why tonight we are still at the top of the SPFL with another tough away match in the rear-view mirror and three points secured.

We deserved the win over the course of the 90 minutes, but we really did make our lives difficult.

But then, as I’ve pointed out, the fixture list has played its own role in making our lives difficult with an unprecedented run of games against the teams who before the season you’d have bet to finish in the top six.

We will win this title against the full gamut of dirty tricks and corrupt stitch ups and I have no issue whatsoever making that allegation; the “computer” does not send any team to Ibrox, Easter Road, Tynecastle, Aberdeen, Motherwell and Livingston in one cycle unless it’s being asked to come up with the toughest available fixture list.

Still, there would have been few excuses for that insipid, flat second half performance if we had thrown two points away tonight.

It was as if the team came out after half time having thought they had the game won and then got the rudest possible awakening. We rode our luck against Hearts with their missed penalty; we came close to it again this evening.

You can take the good from it – that we rallied, went right up the pitch and scored – and all of us can see that this team has that in us, as the League Cup Final has already proved as well, but that we are able to up that gear is proof enough that we too often take our foot off the gas. That needs to change. Ange said we don’t quit and we don’t relax … we do though, too often.

And yet I’m still pretty pleased overall.

You cannot watch us come storming back from self-inflicted adversity like that to secure the game and not feel a stab of pride and even elation that this team is capable of that, that this team has that in them.

Leagues are won by teams like this, teams with the craft to get the goals but also that resilience, that spirit, that determination, that grit. It was not pretty tonight, but it was pretty damned good just the same because that has to be disheartening for the chasing pack to watch.

Let them cling to our coat-tails as long as they can keep up.

We aren’t going to be caught.

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  • BhilltheTim says:

    Half time against Hearts, Them, Motherwell and tonight I’ve been thinking, “This is it – this is the time we finally give someone an absolute gubbing!”

    Sadly, I’m still waiting, but I still think it’s coming. Before the end of this season, Celtic will cause someone to suffer, badly!

  • jrm63 says:

    Shaky as in 8.5 on the Richter scale. Hatate and Abada should have been substituted at half time and this time for good reason. Hatate was awful. Strange use of substitutions. Still not sold on Maeda. Easy chances should not be missed in successive matches. Three goals with elements of good fortune. We got away with one tonight

  • Henry says:

    We were very very lucky tonight. Normally if a team comes back from 2-0 down they go on to win, so congrats are due to Celtic for edging it. Right from the off we seemed out of kilter, with sloppy passing in every department.

    Maeda & Giakoumakis don’t look like they have settled yet, maybe trying too hard. Abada was less effective than the last couple of games, as was O’Riley. We need to get Kyogo back asap.

    As for the two centre backs, I don’t think that partnership has a long term future. I would keep Starfelt, only because we have paid the money for him. CC-V however will have a price tag of £5 – 6 million which is too much.

  • Smokey says:

    Not good for my nerves watching that ,
    Not for the first time our subs should have been on earlier…. Maeda and Hatate struggled and our big Greek striker should have been on earlier
    Nir as well

  • Gerry Friary says:

    3 points that’s the main thing

  • MArk B says:

    Delighted we won, its another step forward. But all those saying we are amazing and wonderful need a cold icy shower. We are one point ahead they will keep winning. Our defending at set plays and crosses is woeful. It may cost us the title. I still believe we need one taller CH and a taller left back (Juranovic is excellent at RB so excused – one small full back is ok , two leads to weakness on crosses and set plays.). A DM who is tall would not go amiss alos to tighten such games. Biton is good but not a rock solid DM like Lennon was. We run out of steam, are exposed at crosses/set plays and look like we will struggle in tight games where we dont manage to score 3. Lets hope we keep winning- we are in a nail biting close close race now. Win the title and buy those three positions in the summer. Keep improving, we still have a long way to go but at least we are top!!! .

    • Roonsa says:

      Let’s take a step back Marky B. We have played 5 difficult games in a matter of 15 days. Utd and Huns at home, Jambos, Motherwell and Aberdeen away. We have taken 15 points out of 15. The huns, in that time, have taken 10.

      So why are you worried about our defence, us running out of steam and that lot keeping on winning?

      We don’t need to worry about the League for 10 days or so till we play Dundee at home which, I am sure you will agree, you would expect us to win. They have Utd away, a match they lost last time they played it.

      So settle down with the worries. We’ve still got Kyogo to come back and Turnbull as well.

      It’s that lot who should be worried, not us.

  • Garry Cowan says:

    A wins a win let’s not get too critical a 3-2 win at Aberdeen is ok in the grand scheme of things

  • Bennybhoy says:

    Nicky Welsh coaches youths for a team affiliated with Rangers…Awards them a pen in 5 mins, only books Barasic for a shocking tackle.
    Need to put teams to the sword, loving the way we are playing, but need to be more clinical early doors.
    Not going to get any help from officials so need to put games to bed, as a 2.0 lead at half time then not showing second half, is not good for my mental health.

  • Mark B says:

    Its great we won, its great we have a good record last 20 games. Terrific. But each of us can choose what we discuss. Some like to look back and say great and look forward and say we wil be fine we are ahead. I respect that view. Others like to say well done great win but also look all the time for how we can improve and get better. I am in the 2nd camo and have a right to express that view. It doesnt make me less of a fan it means I am always looking for us to get better and better and win more and more. We were close to dropping points versus Aberdeen, Dundee Utd and Hearts. We are good we are top but we are not yet in an comfortable position. So some of us like to look forward and give a view on the risks to our title race and how we can improve. Crosses and set pieces have been a risk all season and remain so. It could mean nothing or it could cost us the title. Being blind to it is a mistake.

  • Lordmac says:

    Keep shouting to the media at every. Turn give us. VAR after every game ange should be saying. It. they won’t be long in shutting up its a double edge sword for our cause if we get it we see fairness

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