Our Big Greek Striker Can Be Celtic’s Hero Tonight … And He Showed It On Saturday.

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An intolerable trend amongst our supporters reared its head again at the weekend; the writing off of a football because he had “a bad game.” When in fact he didn’t have a bad game at all.

Giakoumakis, in fact, did almost everything right.

Everything except score a goal.

That, you might think, is an important thing.

But I remember reading years ago about a scout who went to see a now very famous striker who missed chance after chance after chance in the game. This guy wasn’t dissuaded by that. In the end he recommended him to his club, who signed him and the rest is history. Know what the striker’s name is? Zlatan Ibrahimovi?.

There is a logic behind that story which has always fascinated me.

He was clearly a great player, but what made Ajax spend money on him, to bring him from Malmo, was his attitude and his style and his arrogance and something important which most people missed at the weekend; like Giakoumakis against Utd, the Swede got himself into all the right positions in front of that scout. He kept on finding that yard of space.

And eventually, strikers start putting those away, because this is what marks out a natural finisher from a lesser striker or someone shoe-horned into the position; he can find that edge, he can get in front of the defender in that one moment where someone else’s instincts wouldn’t even fire.

If you really watched Giakoumakis on Saturday, you saw he did that.

If you showed up with a preconceived notion of who he is and what his value to the team is, based on the Livingston game and reports about what a waste of a jersey he was, you saw what you wanted and expected to see.

But I watched more closely and saw something that made me smile.

Given enough chances, this guy will score a hatful of them, and like any striker once the goals start to flow they will just keep on flowing.

Tonight is a massive night for the big lad, and a great chance to set himself up as a contender.

One of the key things any striker is taught when he’s going through the process of learning the game is that the crucial thing is to keep getting into scoring positions.

When our big Greek stops doing that, then, folks, that will be the time to write him off.

I think you’re going to enjoy yourselves watching him this evening.

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  • Jake Hansen says:

    Yes! I’ve been saying that every game he plays…to nobody because I’m probably the only Celtic fan in Idaho…he’s always in the right place at the right time. The goals will come as long as the balls keep getting to him.

    Two for him today!

    • Garry Cowan says:

      Wow it never ceases to amaze me how far flung the Celtic family is , you have a kindred spirit in me I believe the goals will come for him HH

  • Garry Cowan says:

    Couldn’t agree more plus to be fair the utd keeper made some outrageous saves.

  • jrm63 says:

    The Utd goalkeeper will not make a save with his foot like that for a long time. I remember when McCoist first came to Rangers. The same kind of criticism was levelled at him and for a good while. He is an enigma. Why only us and the relegated Bremen wanted the top scorer in Holland’s premier league is a mystery to me. He is the only striker who prefers the ball to the near post that I can remember at Parkhead, They are a rarity. Somebody as to come in at the back post today and Abada is good at that.

  • Tony B says:

    The save Siegrist made with his foot (if he meant it, it’s a Banks special) was out of this world and prevented a certain goal from Big Giaco.

    He looks like he has already got his eye in and the goals will come.

  • Dora says:

    Celtic 2-0 or 2-1 win 9/2 Boylesports…free money !!

  • Peterbrady says:

    Brilliant I Cannae wait to goto the duck ? to see the torn faced zombieS HAIL! HAIL!

  • MArk B says:

    First game i watched him I thought just what we need. He has struggled to be fair, but tonight i thought he did well again got on the end of 3 chances, i think he will get goals lets get behind him. We were superb tonight first half 3-0 wow. Time now to turn the screw I recall beating them 3-0 before and we went on to lose the league. Next few games telling we have some tough away gigs, they have Hearts Hibs. They were better 2nd half but to be fair game was won, that first half we were scintillating. They were poor, very poor. Reo, Juranovic both excellent. Taylor played his best ever game for us. Abada too.

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