“All Of Those Statements Are True!” The Celtic Boss Delivers Another Beautiful Media Comeback.

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Ange has delivered another perfect response to a media question today, on BBC Radio Scotland, when he was asked if it was pleasing to go six points clear, with a few goals in the plus column and the pressure put on the Ibrox club for tomorrow.

“All those statements are true,” he said, deadpan, but you could tell with great humour.

And you could hear the laugh in the background as he uttered those words.

It is a perfect response, denying the media any cheap headlines and giving us another little moment to laugh at.

Ange really is brilliant with the media.

It’s amazing to think that this is one of the things people though might be difficult for him when he arrived here.

I remember Tom English being particularly brazen in suggesting that Ange had no idea what the constant scrutiny was like, as if he hadn’t been a World Cup boss before in the full glare of a national media.

Not only has the big guy handled it, but he actually has the hacks eating out of his hand when he isn’t slapping them over the head. They like him, even in spite of themselves, even when he’s handing them their backsides.

He’s that kind of guy.

He wasn’t trying to be funny today or smart; this was a guy who knew that the question was designed to get a headline and he wasn’t going to give the BBC the chance to do it. He made sure of it when he repeated that he doesn’t care what other people do.

The Ibrox club has to win tomorrow, and that’s the bottom line.

But it doesn’t really matter if they do or don’t as far as Celtic is concerned.

All we have to do is take care of our own business and that’s what we continue to do.

As long as we are, it doesn’t matter at all what happens elsewhere.

Thanks to those who pointed out that I’d written “three points clear” instead of six. Now amended.

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  • Michael Nugent says:

    Excuse me we are six clear are we not?

  • Bigmick says:

    I like how Ange handles these stupid questions without trying to humiliate the asker.
    By challenging them to come up with something better, he’s probably doing more to improve journalism than any editor ever could. Class.
    Incidentally, big Carter-Vickers has been immense for us this season….i’ve,yet to see a bad performance from him, and temperament wise he’s unflappable. My man of the season so far.

  • Scud Missile says:

    Nothing wrong in getting a wee bit excited.

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