Celtic Gets No Credit Again As Mackay Claims The Red Card “Spoiled The Contest.”

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I listened to Malky Mackay talk after the game on Radio Scotland just then in some incredulity.

Before I start on him, I want to start by saying that I think his being asked, right off the bat, in the interview about the red card is typical of the bullshit the media has pulled for the whole of this campaign; looking for controversy in every decision we get.

The player deserved the red.

Had the ref showed him a yellow for the tackle before it, he’d have been put on notice not to lunge in for the ball. It was the best officiating decision of the day to send him off and nobody should be complaining about the decision.

But the BBC seem to think it was controversial. I am sure they won’t be alone in that. But Mackay’s comments after the game were absolutely delusional.

First he didn’t think it was a red. Secondly, he thinks that it was the red card that “spoiled the game as far us being in a contest went”.

When the red card was flashed his team were under the gun and already 3-0 down.

I’ve rarely seen a side so comprehensively outplayed.

They could have had 20 players on the park, and our guys would still have been running rings round them.

For him to think that he was still in a contest at that point is about as deranged as anything you’d expect to read on Ibrox Noise or on one of their crazier batshit forums.

I don’t like Mackay and never have. I think the guy is a disgrace to football and should never have got a job in the game again after his racist and misogynist thoughts came out into the public domain.

In many ways though the SFA was the perfect place for him, where anyone, it seems, can go for career rehabilitation.

But the man is a clown.

I never expected credit or praise from him although he’s one of our former players. But to say that, to utter such words, which are so divorced from reality, demonstrates again that we are going to get no praise and no credit no matter what we do.

It is absolutely pathetic.

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  • Justshatered says:

    The first half was one of the most one sided displays I’ve seen.
    Our intensity and movement were impressive.
    We lacked both in the second half but by that time the game was over.

  • Scud Missile says:

    Ah big daft Malky the alkie ah think he has been drinking the Whyte&Mckay before he made that statement I would put him in comparison with wee Coco the clown that tries to write material for ibrox noise.
    Malky the alkie as said in the article should be nowhere near any football team but hey its Scottish football what do we expect,he is finished as far as any English teams are concerned he will never manage again down south.
    So the nickel&dime klubs up here are ideal for him and his racist thoughts and talk.

  • Damian says:

    So, opposition manager goes for tenuous life line? Not sure that this is worth an article tbh.

    The line of questioning from the interviewer seemed custom designed to make HIM look stupid, so that the pundits in the studio could go on to point out how ridiculous that statement was, which they duly did for an hour. I was switching between BBC Scotland and Clyde, stuck in traffic in Bridgeton. Every pundit to a man pointed out how good Celtic were and that the red card made no difference given the scoreline when it happened.

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