Another Ridiculous Carter Vickers Story Changes Nothing As Far As Celtic Is Concerned.

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For the last two days now another brazen, ridiculous anti-Celtic story has been circulating online. It seems to have a life force of its own this, because no matter how stupid it is this story simply will not die.

It has popped up before. It will certainly pop up again.

Cameron Carter Vickers, wanted by other clubs.

Well, of course he is. He’s a quality footballer.

And it just so happens that the situation with him is the same as the situation has been since he signed on the dotted line for us on the final day of the summer window; he is our player until this season ends and beyond that if he wants to be.

We have the first option. That’s the long and short of it.

Other clubs can circle him as they please.

They can want whatever they like.

Spurs will have ideas about what to charge for him if he decides to explore his opportunities elsewhere, but if he wants to stick around Celtic Park for the immediate future then there’s nothing anyone else can do about it.

These are complete non-stories. It’s all designed to spook us but I don’t feel spooked. It’s the same as the situation with Jota; these guys will be made an offer by Celtic and until they make a decision on that everybody else is out of the running.

Furthermore, let’s imagine neither player wants to extend his stay at Parkhead.

Is that necessarily a disaster?

The manager has shown an uncanny ability to spot a player.

To sign these guys would cost us £12 million in total. That’s almost half the total cost of the rebuild so far.

To be honest, I would not be terribly disappointed if we spent that money on four new players instead of just two although Carter Vickers and Jota are exceptional footballers.

So I refuse to worry about any of this nonsense, for nonsense is all that it is.

We are in pole position on both of them and that will not change no matter how many of these appalling stories the media puts up to suggest otherwise.

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  • Benjamin says:

    Worth mentioning that the genesis for these stories isn’t based in anti-Celtic bias, although Scottish MSM is certainly trying to regurgitate the rumors as such.

    Firstly, The Athletic’s Kieran Devlin – who is about as far from anti-Celtic hack as there is among the press corps – recently reported that CCV’s preferred move last summer was Newcastle. When that fell through, likely relating to the pending sale of the club, CCV considered his options and ultimately chose Celtic on deadline day.

    Secondly, the reporter responsible for the most recent stories of 4 English clubs being interested in CCV doesn’t normally write about Celtic – good or bad. But he does seem to have solid sources and was the first reporter linking CCV with Celtic last summer. He’s not some hack trying to stir the pot. He has actual sources that have proven reliable with regard to CCV.

    At the end of the day, CCV himself is in the drivers seat as to where he ends up this summer. If he wants to stay in Glasgow, Celtic will simply pay the £6m fee and that will be that. However if he wants to go back to England – Newcastle or elsewhere – that option to buy is meaningless. However this ends up, Celtic will be in a good position. There’s only a few places in the squad ‘needing’ to be filled this summer, and CL money should make filling those spots a formality in financial terms. And I think we can all agree that Ange has an eye for they kinds of players who can step in and make an impact on day 1, so losing out on CCV if he ends up leaving is not going to be the end of the world.

    • NICK66 says:

      Excellent points there Benjamin. I feel that should we win and can guarantee CL football for any player wanting top billing we have the edge. CCV and Jota can build their kudos in Europe and can get better offers. Until then all we can do is hope they choose us. It all boils down to the teams “circling” being of a CL quality or not i feel.

  • jrm63 says:

    CCV is a huge part of our success this season. Only Benkovic before his injury at Pittodrie is anywhere near him. His has been the single most important player this season. We do not need quantity we need quality. 3m buys you Goldson

  • harold shand says:

    You could set your watch by these stories

    In the week leading up to us going to the Bigotdome it’ll be ..

    ‘ 3 or 4 clubs looking at Jota ‘


    ‘ Rodgers interested in Juranovic ‘

  • SSMPM says:

    When we win the league this season at least we’ll have given CCV an option. Not only regular football, CL group stage involvement but trophies and that emotional involvement in success with your colleagues. He does appear to be enjoying it here but CCV’s permanent wages and personal terms may also be an area of difficulty for us in keeping him. We simply won’t match the EPL wage structures of a club like Newcastle and those offers will be highly tempting for him. Given the waterfall of Geordie money available now and ambition to be a top 4 EPL team in 2/3 years its bound to be tempting though they have invested heavily in the defensive area. Balance that against regular football, CL position, happiness and trophies now. We’ve given him a tempting option. HH

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