Bitter BBC Hack Still Squealing Over His Slap From The Celtic Boss.

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Just how longer is Kenny McIntyre of BBC Sport Scotland going to wail over getting a well deserved slap down from our manager?

In a recent Twitter chat with his buddy Speirs this is what he tweeted.

You just want to tell this clown to dry his eyes.

This is typical of our journalistic class; they love to give out stick to people, as if it was their god given right to do it, but they cannot take it.

These people, who will tell you that in football you have to have the hide of a rhino turn out to be thin skinned and weak when you press their own buttons a wee bit.

Some of these people realise that they can get managers the sack and turn fans against staff and players alike and they OD on that feeling … but poke them with a stick and listen to them squeal.

Ange has the measure of these people and he won’t take their nonsense.

More than that, the big guy knows who stands fundamentally opposed to Celtic.

McIntyre might have outed himself, but his allegiances were never really a matter of great debate.

It’s like he said; he never tried to hide it.

Our manager will allow criticism and he will allow doubters to say their piece.

Look at the interview I talked about yesterday; he had a right old laugh when he was played that clip of Alan Brazil and his sneering contempt. Brazil is singing a different song now, of course.

But Ange doesn’t take anything personally.

He only asks that those who are in the business of giving him scrutiny do so like professionals, and he can tell that some of them are incapable of that. He is not afraid to say so either.

McIntyre should cease his whinging.

Nobody is interested in his feeling sorry for himself, most Celtic fans think he got exactly what he deserved.

He ought to either grow a thicker skin or start trying to put his bias to one side when interviewing our manager.

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  • Guchi Boy says:

    He’s a Fukin SLIMY WANKSTAIN!!

  • Eamonn Little says:

    Heavyweight v Lightweight,Physically and intellectually.Seriously out of your depth there Kenny.

  • Tony B says:

    Old “not here to defend himself” Kenny truly cuts a pathetic figure even among the lickspittles of the SMSM.

    Between him and Spew Heavins, it’s difficult to decide who is the most useless and pointless.

  • Scud Missile says:

    Better still maybe Mckintyre should call it a day impersanating a journalist.

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