Celtic Has Nothing To Fear, And Everything To Gain, From April’s Fixture List.

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April will decide the trajectory of our season. We are probably facing three games against the Ibrox club, at three different venues. We are capable of winning all of those games, and what’s more our rivals know we are capable of it.

Those in the press who want to try and spook us are already using some pretty desperate tactics. The funniest is the rehabilitation of Aaron Ramsey, because he’s played a game. This is amazing to me, and I’m sure to anyone else who watched even part of the Dundee match where he was virtually anonymous.

If he does anything significant for them it will be more than their other January signings have managed. Ours, on the other hand, have transformed this team. By the time the first of those games kicks off we might have a full strength squad.

Who would neutrals fancy in that instance? Even with critical players out injured we dismantled them at Celtic Park. We’ve had critical players out injured all season long. If we ever have a full squad to pick from, hell mend those we face.

April can win us the title and put us in another cup final. That’s the bottom line. The league issue might not be decided to a mathematical certainty, but it will be over if we win at Ibrox and everyone knows that. We are in pole position.

And if we win at Ibrox no-one would bet against us in the other two matches. Their only hope of getting out of April without three straight losses to us would be if the SFA selected the game at Parkhead for later in the split … but that could make it a league decider at home for us, and I very much doubt that they are going to do that.

I am looking forward to the remaining games, and to April most of all. That will be the month that sends us into the last few weeks of the season in the mood to party … and what a party it will be if we’ve turned this around to complete the grand slam.

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  • Larsson 7 says:

    Beaton cannot Referee any of the “Old Firm” way……….

  • REBELLIOUS says:

    Thanks James I wasn’t aware of that fixtures scenario & sfa fr le merde, XLNT.
    THEY’RE FUQT every-which way they go and that’s just Brilliant

  • Scud Missile says:

    Sevco ready to pull out of the Tetley Sydney tea cup competition because of pressure put on them from the klan.
    Rumour has it that should they lose the semi final to us and the league they will call it a day to keep the klan in a good place and then they can distract the klan from a bad season.

  • Pat Morrissey says:

    I’m looking at those games as 6 points and a bye into the cup final.

  • JimBhoy says:

    My only concern is the virus and the upsurge in a new strain. rangers seem to avoid the virus or avoid test results maybe.

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