Beaton’s Celtic Goal Decision Last Night Was Either Incompetence Or Corruption.

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How can I put this? In plain English, I guess.

John Beaton should never referee a Celtic game again.

Even if he is not nakedly biased against Celtic he made it clear last night that he should not be trusted with any major match involving our club. He probably shouldn’t be refereeing any top flight game.

There are decisions that refs have to make on the spur of the moment.

They offer some alibi, however ridiculous at times, for certain types of “mistakes” if indeed that is what they are. But there are some for which there are no excuses at all and the decision to chop off what would have been our second goal last night is one of those.

That decision is one of two things; it’s either corrupt or it is incompetent to such a degree that he should be finished as a senior official. That’s basically it, as bluntly as I can put it.

He either ignored the rules to deny us or he doesn’t know the rules … and either one is outrageous. The Premier Sports commentary team knew the rule. How come Beaton didn’t?

Scottish football has to stop pretending that this sort of thing is okay.

We either have a referee here who is pursuing an agenda or one who is so indolent and lax that he hasn’t bothered to learn his trade. We can’t have someone like that in the top flight.

There are millions of pounds at stake here.

Managers lose their jobs on the backs of decisions that referees make and the only two things we can ask of them are that they do their jobs to the highest standard and that they do them fairly, and on at least one of those grounds Beaton is manifestly unfit.

This can no longer be disputed.

Last night shows us that Beaton cannot be trusted at all, whether that’s on the grounds of being anti-Celtic or just plain lazy.

Our club should be making that clear to the SFA.

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  • R.McMillan says:

    Both. Self confessed hun. Catalogue of mistakes when we are involved . See your previous article but our club should be more vehement otherwise it will simply increase.

  • John A says:

    Of course he knew the rule

  • Stephen Cole says:

    I think these comments a little OTT, I have no time for Beaton but if he had an agenda he could have sent off Hatate, yes the standard of refereeing is poor in Scotland

    • Stephen says:

      Our board are more to blame than the Refs.

    • Scud Missile says:

      He laughed at not giving that penalty when we had been 2 nil up at the time.
      Now if the board don’t do anything about then they are to blame not Beaton or SFA as they see themselves getting away with it in game after game against us.

  • Larsson 7 says:

    I thought at one point last night he had a smirk on his face.Yes as certain as Sunday follows Saturday,he knows what he’s doing.
    Celtic need to ask Questions,ASAP .

  • vincent mcsherry says:

    We will do nothing at all! Same as usual.

  • john clarke says:

    Except for the mistake, Jack Beaton had a fair average quality game. He was at least 16 metres almost directly behind Giorgos, at the time of the incident. Giorgos’ shoulders were perpendicular to the incoming ball. The ball hit the sliding Dundee Utd player, who I think intended to concede a corner; it bounced up and hit Giorgos’ left forearm, close to the elbow. The linesman sprinted at a great speed to get level with the incident. Did Mr Beaton consult with the linesman? One of the closer opposition players put his hand up and appeared to say handball to the Ref. At the hectic pace Celtic play, Refs and linesman have to be super fit. If there is a complaint about Jack Beaton, his fitness could be improved. No one should suggest his decision could be a corrupt act. I doubt the ref had a good view of the ball and accepted the word of the Dundee Utd player who was closer.
    Are there any SPL Refs left who are suitable to the Celtic blog/commentators?. I have to admit my eyesight is not the best.
    VAR is desperately needed. For Sky Sports, match of the day, can’t they set-up the VAR cameras as part of their SPFL contract. Fox Sports broadcasts these games to Europe and plenty other places around the world. After all, they get a good deal from SPFL, compared to more expensive TV contracts for Scandinavian Leagues.

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