Celtic’s Critics Are Now Banging The Drum Over Hatate. Give Us Peace For God’s Sake.

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How sick and tired are you all of this constant media assault on us over refereeing decisions?

Have you ever seen such pure hysteria in all your time watching the game in Scotland?

It seems that almost from the moment our chairman was accused – and accused is the correct word because it’s a baseless claim – of “putting pressure on officials” at the AGM this has been wall-to-wall, with every decision, big or small, being analysed to death.

Reo Hatate is the latest player under the microscope, with the press going into overdrive with the suggestion that he should have been red-carded against Dundee Utd and now should miss the cup semi-final with the Ibrox club.

That he was absolutely sensational against them at Celtic Park, scoring twice and generally running riot, is just a coincidence of course, and has nothing to do with the clamour.

What do they want out of it? A retrospective disciplinary? It won’t happen, and Celtic would put down the stakes and go to war over it if the governing body even tried. I don’t think they can anyway so it’s a moot point.

The media’s aim seems to be to flip the script here; if we’ve pressured refs into going easy on us they hope to flip them the other way. It’s a good strategy, if you subscribe to the theory that underpins it. But we all know that our club didn’t seriously apply any pressure and that Ibrox gets decisions every week which are completely ignored.

So whatever the press is trying to do, I very much doubt that it is going to succeed.

But they keep on banging the drum, and every Celtic player is now a target.

Yesterday’s attack on Hatate was particularly pathetic, because they tried to get the Dundee Utd manager to condemn him and make demands for restitution.

Whilst he agreed that the player might have been red carded, he also said something the media clearly did not expect, and this makes a farce out of whatever game they are playing.

“I did feel there were some similarities to the Calum Butcher tackle that was retrospectively looked at,” he said. “I’ve taken a look back and I don’t think there was any malice in it.”

Game over. Whatever the game is.

Still, the game continues.

Honest to God, I wish they would give us peace.

This was tiresome a while ago and even the manager is starting to get pissed off with it.

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  • SSMPM says:

    Moaning about their moaning is moaning, stop giving the haters air

  • john clarke says:

    I can guess what Ange would say about the accidental handball/goal, if asked by the media, “That’s for the SFA to look at and comment”
    “We got the three points”. As for Hatate’s tackle from a acute behind angle…It was close to a red card but Jack Beaton decided to go Yellow.
    I respect his decision. He was near the tackle. Hatate’s blistering speed made it look worse. Refs in SPFL cop a lot from fans. Put yourself in his boots.

    • john clarke says:

      What could have turned the decision in favour of Yellow, was the downed player writhing on the ground like a freshly dug worm and clasping his head with one arm. I’ve been kicked in the shin and thigh by calves when bringing them up to the forcing pen and I don’t carry on like that. He was trying to milk a red card. It could have been Red. Well done Ref. Hatate was never going to cleanly take the ball away from the attacker from that angle. He was severely reprimanded with Ange quitely looking-on. I’ll get out of your way.

  • Seppington says:

    I’m surprised that not one of them has mentioned the similarity between Hatate’s challange and Kent on Broony at Pittodrie in the classic “Say Hullo-Hullo, Wave Goodbye” incident. Kent sees SB and goes full pelt at him similarly to how it initially looks like Reo does. The difference is that you can see Reo is chasing a ball he felt he was responsible for losing then realises how bad a challenge it could be so begins to pull out of it at the last moment, but with Kent you could see it was simply a chance to put the boot in on a Broony that had been tormenting his scummy team all night.
    even without that comparison, this is all pretty desperate stuff from the press hacks. You’d almost think they’d woken up to the fact that Sevco are doomed if they don’t win the league….

  • Bhoy4life says:

    Soutar grabbed a hold of Kyogo’s midrif and twisted so hard he left a visible mark…..not a peep out of the Aevco match programme that is the Daily Retard.
    Several knee high studs up tackles on Celtic players, inc some from Sevco players….guess what…yip thats right, not a peep from the Daily Retard.
    Contrast that with virtually anything conceived as advantage gained over Sevco by Celtic and its a meltdown.
    Fans with a platform and a pen.
    Thats how far journalism in Scotland has fallen.
    Playground stuff indeed, you can almost taste the tears and feel the feet stompin…

    • Anne Wells says:

      It is about time the media kept their mouths shut when it concerns our players and our club they have more need to look across the city. Enough is enough now

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