If Celtic Wins The Title It Will Be Deserved, Not Because It Was “Handed To Us.”

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To properly gauge the level of bias at the BBC you have to listen to the specific words used by their current crop of pundits.

One of them, as we all know, is Ricky Foster.

Speaking today on an online sports show, he made a remark which I’ve heard echoed in a lot of other commentary recently.

His specific comment was that Ibrox going through against Red Star Belgrade, and reaching the last eight of the Europa League could “hand Celtic the title.”

I’ve heard from others that is referees who could “hand Celtic the title.”

Some on the Ibrox fan forums think that the Scottish Government has had a hand in “handing Celtic the title.”

None of these muppets, including Foster, seems to have understood that we came back from a long way behind in this league race to sit top now.

We weren’t “handed” anything and we’re not going to be.

If it turns out that we do have the league trophy at the end of this campaign it will not be because somebody gave it to us, it’ll be because we beat every other side in the country to it.

It will be because we snatched the top spot and then told the rest of the league that the only way they would get it off us was to rip it from our cold dead hands.

We did this. Not refs. Not Ibrox’s European travails.

We have put together a title winning unbeaten run.

We have kept focussed on the task at hand and were determined to see it through.

We will have earned everything we get.

The critics might not like that but too bad.

This is the language of the loser, the language of excuses and deflection. Celtic has been the best team in the country. That might be difficult for some of them to comprehend but they can check the results if they don’t believe it.

I hope Foster repeats that whilst he’s on BBC Sport Scotland’s dreary little pro-Ibrox show. It will be interesting to see if someone picks up on it. Knowing the way they work on there right now, most of them will probably nod in agreement.

Anyone talking like this should be told to explain it.

They should be asked if that’s depriving Celtic of their due credit, which it most definitely is. Implicit in it is that this is the only way we could win it, if some confluence of events denies it to Ibrox.

It is offensive, because it is absolutely untrue.

We aren’t being “handed” anything.

We grabbed it and then held onto it.

We deserve a hell of a lot more credit for this than these clowns want to give us.

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  • Maeda Son says:

    Dik Foster.. How apt this Clowns name is!!

  • Finbar muldoon says:

    Celts have won two 9-in-a-rows. We’ve been Champions of Europe. Don’t listen to a word these dicks say. HH

  • Tony B says:

    Foster is a no mark tax dodger whose main claim to fame is he married a D List pop singer.

    Only allowed a say because he is an ex hun player.

    A major fangita.

  • Stephen McAdam says:

    Where you been mate! This has always been the language of a hun always!! Dealt with plenty ! As I am sure many have here, they clowns think giving up is a morale victory!! They are the ” school bully” they hate a challenge ! The lot of them to! We are the opposite and certainly know I am but ” der hun” is essentially the coward! The guy that bottles it then says later in the comfort of his wee pals ” I could a took him” Ha ha guy like that Forster are even worse tho as he wants to be one of that filth and they hated that twat and he git plenty hassle from them out and out well documented to, pathetic guy. Tho why write articles about this stuff so much ? As 99 percent of us know what they huns are they best ignored on this type a thing, said many time I rather not even play that poison

    • Stephen McAdam says:

      He ( foster) got plenty hassle of the poisin I meant and it’s well documented, if I remember once at the fair at the scc post Christmas time. Was in the papers at the time

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    Richard Foster aka Dick Fester aka Sore Prick !

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