Jim White’s “Intelligence” On The Australia Trip Is Faulty But Celtic May Yet Sit This Out.

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Jim White is in the papers today claiming that his “intelligence” sources have told him that the Australian friendly is in serious doubt because the organisers are worried about the backlash and think that it’s “not worth the hassle.”

Whoever is feeding him this is, to use the Glasgow vernacular, taking the piss. But that doesn’t mean that they are telling him outright lies.

What do the organisers care that Ibrox fans are flinging loo roll onto pitches here in Scotland? What hassle are they getting over there, except for a predictable swamp of bile-filled emails which reflects badly on only one club?

Celtic aren’t giving them the least trouble, and whilst our fans are divided on how much they care, with even those of us who think it is shocking that our board is doing something as grotesque as this not going OTT over it, I am sure the organisers themselves are getting no stick from us whatsoever.

We know where the blame for this lies and it’s not with them.

Much as it pains me to say this – because I had hoped that more of our own supporters would have some grasp on the seriousness of this matter – only one set of fans is actually kicking up a fuss over this and they aren’t even going to move their own club far less the people who put this thing together in the first place.

If this is cancelled it won’t be because of them.

I have a sneaking suspicion that there are problems over there with this whole idea, and that the organisers have screwed something up. That explains so many things, including the posturing that Ibrox is doing in the media.

Because they aren’t going to unilaterally withdraw from this, no matter what their press toadies and the Ibrox fan-base might think. They are irrational lunatics but they aren’t stupid and this would be a phenomenally stupid thing to do with cash coming off the table and sanctions being applied instead. I would be frankly shocked if they did it.

But if they’ve heard that there are problems behind the scenes and that the organisers have made a mess of this somewhere along the line and are now trying to hold it all together, then that would explain their bluster in the press. Perhaps they think that they can somehow spin this thing collapsing as them having listened to their fans.

I have to say, that would be an incredibly reckless idea to promote, not that this will stop them. It is already on the record that their fans have boycotted merchandising deals at the urging of directors, and the commercial contracts with the SPFL might as well be in the bin as the Ibrox club is paying no heed whatsoever to the requirements of them, and their fans are seen as playing a role in the club continuing to take a hard-line on that.

The Ibrox board clearly played to the gallery when, at the start of the season, they talked about “settling scores”. The lunatic fringe over there doesn’t take much prompting to scream into action, and giving in to them, or being seen to, only makes that worse.

If this deal collapses Celtic must move swiftly to ensure that Ange still gets to take that opportunity to go home and manage in front of his countrymen. That is the least we owe this guy for making him the front-man in such a duplicitous charade … he is entitled to experience that pride and have that honour without all this baggage surrounding him.

But we should learn a couple of lessons from it too, and the first is to look across the city and see them for what they are and recognise that we’ve had a lucky escape here and vow never to make this mistake again.

The second is to have more respect for our wishes and our views because but for a few banners and some editorials we have behaved impeccably over this, no matter the strength of feeling for some of us, and that further sets us apart from the rabid mob who are now threatening their own board … and being seen to get their way.

These are the very people that ours would enter into a partnership with against our wishes and the club’s own interests.

And really, they should be able to see the folly of that by now.

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  • smokey says:

    Supposing “they” do pull out of the game down under and are slapped with a massive fine
    for doing so then i am sure they will pay up right away………or maybe do as they always seem to do…… SFall, And have many years of court cases and still pay SF all 🙂


  • Scud Missile says:

    We don’t need the klub from the film Deliverance and the inbred fans from there as well anywhere near any stadiums especially the one where the Tetley Sydney tea cup is taking place.
    Going by the colour of their teeth yesterday the sevco fans must have been flossing their teeth with the bog rolls as the toilet paper was covered in brown stains probably from halitosis.

  • Stephen McAdam says:

    Said on here yesterday we should tell organisers to pull them out! We are the draw! But appart from that it’s a disgrace we allowed this venture to happen with that poison and almost worse this ” lazyfair attitude amongst our fans we should be screaming at that joke board for putting us in this mess with that utter filth! This ends bad no matter what! That board and likes of banke need run out a town! His ilk should be nowhere near our club!

  • Stephen McAdam says:

    There no doubt clowns like bankier see us as the same as that vile poisonous lot in govan and he be dealing with their board over this! Never mind the chaos the ” poison”will cause in Sydney and there nothing surer ! But his ilk dont care! This happens there be blood on his hands! Makes me sick the thought of it and having lived over there how it be reported God doesnt bare thinking about

  • Lordmac says:

    You don’t mention what if we loose the league how do you get bums on seats in OZ AND HOW DO WE LIft ange above shoulder hight then

    • Droopy McCool says:

      He doesn’t mention it because there will be bums on seats no matter what. For fans of both sides it’s a rare chance to see your team live and that’s the overriding influence down under. It’s different for us who unfortunately have to see their ugly coupons on a regular basis.

  • Lordmac says:

    And if we do win the league do you think there will be a blue bum on a seat in Oz

    • Stephen McAdam says:

      I meant sectarianism in the SFA, typo earlier and the dallas situation proved like the farry situation wee Fergus sorted out

  • Stephen McAdam says:

    I meant sectarianism in the SFA, typo earlier and the dallas situation proved like the farry situation wee Fergus sorted out

  • John Surgeon says:

    The organisers are probably having the same staff problems as certain bookshops, publishers, media etc. have from time to time when the can that says “Worms” on it turns out to be prophetic.

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