Any Hack Wishing Sevco A “Happy 150th Birthday” Is Knowingly Pushing A Lie.

Image for Any Hack Wishing Sevco A “Happy 150th Birthday” Is Knowingly Pushing A Lie.

Matthew Lindsay of The Evening Times used his article on their game today to wish the club a happy 150th birthday, trotting out the continuation nonsense as if this were a fact and not a toxic fiction which afflicts this whole sport with even more dangerous stuff.

Their club went out of its way today to play up the “anniversary.”

They do so aggressively, as if trying to convince themselves as well as the world.

Deep down they know better.

They know what liquidation is and what it means. They said so at the time and were completely willing to accept the reality of it when they were still convinced it wouldn’t happen.

But it did happen.

In spite of all the wilful denials of that reality, their club and all involved were liquidated.

We know this for many reasons, not least of which is that every contracted player was allowed to leave. They lost their Scottish Cup seeding. They lost their place in the league.

All talk of them being “relegated” has forever ignored the simple fact that there was, and is, no mechanism in the rules for relegating a team because of debts.

This is why it is important to break this Big Lie into two separate strands; one I call the Survival Lie and the other the Victim Lie … both are equally important, but the second flows directly from the first.

Because if they someone did survive, then that means everything that happened to them thereafter violated all the rules of football governance.

Funny then that a club so prone to litigation never sued over it, either at the time or since.

Funny, then, that they didn’t seek court injunctions to prevent this diabolical plan from being into effect.

Funny then that all this talk of survival only came after Charles Green started banging that drum in an effort to get their season ticket money … a fact the Aberdeen fans were keen to remind them of today with their “Charles Green had a dream” banner.

I don’t care, and never have, what ridiculous lies Ibrox tells itself.

They can live in that parallel universe as they like.

I do care when I see the mainstream press – whose job is to write the facts and tell the truth – repeating what many of them know to be an utter falsehood.

We do not live in Putin’s Russia here where talking out of turn gets you punished and even thrown in jail, so why do so many of our hacks go along with this rancid garbage?

We know that some of them are gutless.

We know that some of them are useless.

But to spend years pushing something so obviously fictitious as this … to me, there’s no more debate on this being a new club at Ibrox then there is about gravity or the world being round.

Rangers was refused a CVA. The new club – at the time everyone, from Walter Smith to some of these same national titles called it that – started from the lowest rung of the ladder.

Anyone pushing this 150th anniversary nonsense is participating in a farce.

And everyone involved knows that’s exactly what it is.

If they want to whore themselves to Ibrox, they are free to do so but they should not be putting this fiction into the public domain.

If they do they have no business whatsoever calling themselves journalists.

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  • jimmyw167 says:

    Can the media be sued for knowingly telling lies?

  • Guchi Boy says:

    Watching the Knuckodraggin FILTH in bin bags wiz Fukin HILARIOUS & Sooo Apt the TRAMPY SCUM HUN BASTARDS! Whit I can NEVER get ma head roon is as they pan roon the DUMP everywan gets UGLIER & UGLIER BAWAHAHAHAHAHA!!

  • Seppington says:

    “We do not live in Putin’s Russia here where talking out of turn gets you punished and even thrown in jail, so why do so many of our hacks go along with this rancid garbage?”

    We live in a country where the police largely made up of supporters of the klub in question, and would be less than enthusiastic in enforcing the law when it came to violent attacks on any journo who tells the truth. Let’s face it, this is a fan base that can’t stop from fighting each other…when they’re celebrating FFS! Kenny McIntyre would be going home to a burnt-out shell if he said “new klub” on the radio. You can understand why they’d be reluctant. The thing is, I don’t think they’re worried about telling the truth because they’re all so wrapped up in the cosy denial blanket of the survival myth themselves, given that they’re mostly huns.

    Scum the lot of them.

  • Derek Duncan says:

    Oh ,I must have missed the ,cheating, ebt,non tax payments klub paying the £150M debt ,the SFA are filth like Deadco 1872 was.

  • Roonsa says:

    Se if you are demoted? Does that mean you have to reapply to join the League? I just think there has been a misinterpretation of the rules here.

    Hun wanks. We know the truth. We will never let them forget it. Never.

  • Funtime Frankie says:

    All their criminal dodges when they were run by no legs, put them into liquidation, defunct, dead,so let no one kid anyone that the history they had is DEAD no 150.

  • Dora says:

    King of the dodgy Tifos are that 1#0 yr old klub

  • Quinny says:

    It’s Fraud pure and simple , Sevco rangers 2012 are trading on a lie and the Puritan press are part of the lie .
    The Funny peepul claimed they had won 55 titles which is impossible considering they came into existence in 2012 and now they pull the number 150 out of the blue to create the same club illusion . It’s time this Club was stopped from making Fraudulent claims .

  • Brian says:

    Well it is fairly close to 150. MONTHS.

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