Celtic And The European Co-Efficient Lie Which Needed Knocking On The Head.

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One of the articles I was planning to write tomorrow got written for me today by another site. I never worry when that happens; as long as someone puts the facts in the public domain, that’s just fine by me. I am delighted that someone knocked one of Ibrox’s premier lies on the head. It’s the one about the UEFA co-efficient.

This theme has been gathering pace on their forums for weeks now, and it came to a crescendo yesterday when we beat them at Ibrox.

Put simply, it is that they have built the co-efficient that has virtually guaranteed automatic Group Stage football, only for us to nip in and take it from them. I don’t know what they were expecting for this; thanks? Applause? That we turn down the automatic place and give it to them as they earned it in the first place?

There’s just one problem with this narrative; it’s not actually true.

I know. You’re sitting out there and you’re thinking, “Surprise me some more James, why don’t you?” Because of course it isn’t true, and of course they believe it anyway. I had run down the stats on this the other day. 67 Hail Hail have obviously done the same, and David Walton has published the details tonight on their site.

Every Celtic site should be doing the same. This is one piece of nonsense that really needed knocking on the head. I’m only surprised the likes of Keevins and Rae and Boyd weren’t already pushing it.

And what are the facts? Well, in the five years prior to this one – on which the co-efficient is based – it is our European performances which account for more than half of the total which has got us here. For all the hype and the hysteria about them, we’ve done this ourselves.

In the last five years, we made the Champions League Group stages twice. We’ve twice reached the last 32 of the Europa League. We have beaten the likes of Lazio home and away along the road – without debate Lennon’s finest results as boss.

This has given us a co-efficient score of 34.00. Their own score for that five year period was 31.50, which is a way behind ours. Within their five-year period is the disgrace to Scottish football that was their exit against Progres Niederkorn.

The simple fact of it is that we built our own qualification success story. Like so many other things that Ibrox believes in, there is more truth to reports of fairies at the bottom of the garden.

Well done to 67 Hail Hail for publishing the details, and I hope every other site follows suit in ramming this one down the throats of all who try and trumpet it. These Peepul are the tiger sharks of Scottish football; they’ll swallow anything.

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  • Finbar muldoon says:

    Gutted at these facts James. Would have loved them to have paved the way for Celts’ £45 million windfall. HH

  • Kev says:

    The real truth is without either team the coefficient wouldn’t be where it is and there would be no automatic place in the champions league up for grabs. The reason the top 6/7 places never change is because they regularly have multiple teams going far in Europe to keep their coefficient out of reach. Don’t get me wrong I love to see them get pumped in Europe as much as the next guy but like it or not for us to keep an automatic place we need both teams to regularly get through the group stages of Champions/Europe league for years to come.

  • Stephen McAdam says:

    Exactly! Also we got 9 points from our euro group this season! 2 more than sevco! They really crave relevance and our validation ! This along with that cringe ” o f” yesterday ! What a red neck they are! Wieridos can now join other terms like poison, sectarian, facist, racist oh and throw in stalkers as that yesterday was like telling the World your still with an ex that dumped you like a bad habit years and years ago! Never used the term myself or did any Tim’s I know its more the poison and casual huns that support the likes of morthwell and such like. But as you say get this said we need no help for no one they win 2 rounds in this tournament since the groups and beem lucky as f##$k from what I hear( never watch the poison)And suddleytgey are european champs ha ha weirdos on aside note imagine if they got to Seville God those poor people who marveled at our great Wirld fanbase! And it is and only one from any club in this set up, I digress tho just imagine the carnage! It wont happen but God help those poor peole if that scum go there

  • Stephen McAdam says:

    Our Great World fanbase! Even

    • Jimmy says:

      Well done the Hail Hail bhoys, I watched their great after match summary on you tube. 40, 000 watching at one point. Great site like Celtic fans tv and the award winning Acsom.

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