Celtic Doing The Carter Vickers Deal Now Would Park The Tanks On The Enemy’s Lawn.

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Rumours about that Celtic have opened talks with Spurs with a view to tying up the excellent Cameron Carter Vickers before the campaign ends. It would not only be a smart piece of transfer business but it would have the full approval of the fans.

It’s expensive. It’s £6 million.

That the club is willing to spend it a show of force. It’s a demonstration of strength in the transfer market at a time when Ibrox is arguing with itself. But it’s also more; it’s a measure of confidence that the money will be there.

Which of course it will be if we’ve won this league and we’re in the Champions League Groups in the next campaign. So in some ways this is our way of telling the world that whatever Ange might say in public – he’s doing what he has to – the club reckons it’s done.

Carter Vickers is, to my mind, the biggest of the two players we have on loan.

I like Jota and if we sign both of them then great, but if we can only have one of them it would be the big American centre back who I think has been a fantastic signing.

It was, in fact, the deal to secure his signature which convinced me, at the last knockings, that the summer window had been an unqualified success. Had we not brought in a defender we’d have been in real trouble … but they got this deal done right at the end and there is no doubt that it’s been one of the best things we’ve done.

Doing the deal before the season ends would be a massive statement of intent.

It would be a hugely destabilising move against the club across the city; when I said earlier I didn’t feel that we had struck a proper blow against them for a while I meant it.

This would do it. It would show them what they could have done if they had access to the money.

And it will scare them into wondering what we might do next.

It is the signing equivalent of parking the tanks right on the enemy’s lawn. That’s as good a reason for doing it as any, except the reason we are trying to; he’s worth every penny.

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  • Johnny Green says:

    I fully agree James, it would truly be a definitive statement of intent.

    We will be telling THEM that, as they quickly unravel at the end of this season, that we are already strengthening for the next campaign.

  • Scud Missile says:

    Off topic here but sevco forums have pressed the PARANOID button already,apparently it was Celtic who picked the ref and linesmen for the semi-final.

    • Jimmy says:

      Ignore Sevco forums. Why are you on them.

      • Scud Missile says:

        For a laugh Jimmy do you not know what that is.

        • Jimmy says:

          Much rather read the jubilant Celtic sites. Each to their own though, if reading all the sevco sites is your thing, that’s up to you. Maybe you like them.

  • king murdy says:

    wtf is magublican on about?????
    if you don’t like what you read….then don’t read it….you fuqn dick…….

  • Bob (original) says:

    Before any player…

    it would be a real boost to see the Board announce – now – that they are negotiating a new, lucrative, long-term deal with Ange.

    I presume he is currently on the standard, 1 year rolling contract at CFC?

    The worry is that Ange could be tempted down south… and the Board loses yet another good manager.

    • Damian says:

      The real worry is that when this happens, as it absolutely will, we’ll be back to panic stations because we’ve done literally nothing to upgrade our football operation to a point that can be sustained beyond the tenure of a single manager.

      For now, we can enjoy. But of course Ange will go. The other two options are that he stays for the rest of his career or that he stays until he falls so far out of favour that he is sacked. Personally, I would much rather see him go onto a more lucrative challenge, because he only gets to do that by having success at Celtic.

      What happens after he leaves isn’t his problem. It’s our problem, and we’re not one step further forward in that area than we were twelve months ago. The message the club is pushing is, ‘not to worry, Ange is here for the ten’, essentially. And we’re buying it. We never stop buying it.

  • Martin H. says:

    Hope we get him, but if we don’t, the fans have enough confidence Ange will have somebody else in mind.

  • Johnny Green says:

    By the way James, you made no mention of the fact that they have signed John Souttar for next season. He is a better defender than what they have at the moment,

  • Henry says:

    I’m in a minority here but I dont think we should sign him. His wages will be top of the scale, there are better cheaper options available, like the CB at Bodo Glimt and while he is ok in Scotland he simply is not good enough at European level. He doesnt strike me as being comfortable on the ball and always plays the easy sideways option.

    Look again at the Rangers goal from last week, he is ball watching, caught in No Man’s Land. He also likes a bit of shirt pulling etc, which will cost us when VAR comes in.

    • Damian says:

      I’d say there’s a price beyond which he wouldn’t be worth buying. I’ve heard reports that we could get him for £3m (absolutely worth it), or for £10m (not worth it IMO). Personally, I’m not sure going beyond £6m would be the best idea, with the proviso that if Ange wants him more than that, then he should get him. Ange seems a smart man in every sense. He’ll understand the best ways to deploy the maximum budget he has at his disposal. If paying £8m (say) for CCV compromises his ability to sign the left-back (say) he wants to bring in, I’m not sure he’ll go for it. The player’s wishes are also paramount. CCV’s only obligation to Celtic was, and remains, his best efforts this season.

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