Celtic’s Big Greek Has Not Only Silenced The Critics, Now They Are Giving Him Awards.

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Giorgios Giakoumakis has been brilliant in the last few months.

After taking some time initially to settle into the Celtic team he has not looked back. He had his critics both inside and outside of the club, but that’s over with now.

He was just awarded the player of the month award. He earned it.

He has been quite superb since at least January, and his goals and all round performances have been critical to the success we have enjoyed and continue to enjoy.

Like several other players in our team, he has had to put up with a lot of barbs which he didn’t deserve.

Idiots like McAvennie came to swift judgements, slammed him in the media and then had to grovel their apologies when it became clear that he had something. I take great delight in that.

They have had to do the same with Starfelt and others.

Celtic is in a better place than any of these people would have dared, and Giakoumakis has carried the forward line in the absence of Kyogo better than these people ever imagined.

His talents have helped get us through a real tough series of games and it is great to see that he is getting his reward for that. More though, he’s spoken about this as a collective success in the way several of our other players, and the management team, have.

“It’s my job to score the goals,” he said, “but this is something that really helps me to have these types of chances from my team-mates.”

It is this philosophy that has made us so potent in this campaign.

Everyone works for the greater good and whilst is nice to see the big getting some individual glory he knows that it’s not the most important thing. This sharing around of the credit fosters good team spirit.

Giakoumakis has shown his quality in the last few months, but then it was expected after his excellent scoring in Holland last year. This guy is going to continue to get better and prove himself a crucial cog in the big Celtic wheel.

Congratulations to him on getting his long awaited vindication. It’s the first award of many.

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  • Scud Missile says:

    There must be quite a few pundits sitting eating mountains of humble pie just now.

  • Martin H. says:

    And Barry Ferguson said, the ibrox club would rather play against him than Kyogo, last 2 games playing them, gave them a torrid time.

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