Celtic Should Propose A Review Of Refereeing Once This Season Is Over.

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All through this season, there has been criticism of refs, usually when Celtic have gotten decisions.

For the rest of the time the volume on the complaints have been muted, but it hasn’t been entirely non-existent.

The news that VAR has overwhelmingly been voted through confirms that clubs have had enough of the dreadful standard of officiating.

Clubs want to see some changes. They can’t want things to continue like this.

But there has to be one that shows leadership; most of the people running clubs don’t want to rock the boat, but the boat needs rocking and that means someone has to step up.

That should be us. Once we’ve won this title, once the issues are all settled, no-one will be able to say that this is sour grapes or anything else. Some in the media think issues in our favour have decided this title. Let us stamp all over that.

If Celtic say that they are dissatisfied with the way refs have worked this season and that Scottish football needs a full review – preferably run by an outsider – I think you would find a chorus of support for the proposition.

The reform train is already leaving the station. VAR proves it.

This is now part of the agenda, and whilst VAR will help us in some respect it will not get us far enough. The time for this is right now, when everyone is debating refereeing and when everyone is, to some extent or another, pretty dissatisfied with how Scottish games are run.

This could be the window we’ve been waiting for, but we’d have to move fast within it.

That’s why at the end of the season, when the trophies have been handed out (one to us and one to Hearts) we should let the dust settle for just one day and then make our statement.

Not a criticism, not exactly, but an acknowledgement that things aren’t working.

And then to call for the review that will get us the reforms we deserve.

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  • Johnny Green says:

    Yes James, I wholeheartedly agree. As Title holders that would be the ideal time for Celtic to vent their thoughts on the refereeing debacle which is all too evident here in the SPL.

    However, I will not hold my breath waiting on that occurring as our timid board will only let us down once again.

  • john clarke says:

    The Referee’s performance at IBROX last Sunday, should be reviewed by a FIFA panel of Referee Examiners; who have no connection to Scottish football. Most Sport Journalists reported that Mr R A Madden did not penalize blatant tackle-fouls by John Lundstram, an influential Rangers player. These tackles were not clean removals of the ball from attackers. Reporters then said, that the missed fouls did not affect the result?. At least they said; Madden missed blatant tackle-fouls. Mr Madden also missed infringements by another dominant influential player. Not to review this Referee’s, “unacceptable-to-all” performance; is an abrogation of SFA’s responsibility to Scottish Football. To be fair, the panel should look at Madden’s other games as well. Based on his IBROX game performance, I have doubts that Madden is worthy of his FIFA accreditation. I ask the question…Does he mostly have his shocker games, when Celtic FC are playing?. Maybe this is an insolent question to some; but to others worth asking.

    • Scouse bhoy says:

      If we stopped going to games then that would be a victory for the dark side. The very idea would have them marching to george square again. Var is only the start of the reform.

  • SSMPM says:

    Calling for a review would I believe be a gesture, one of course we should make, but one that would result in a ref victim reply, ‘that’s why VAR is being introduced to help the refs’.
    The governing bodies have seen over the years what happens with the Madden and historically many many others, their inaction speaks louder than ‘forked tongue’ answers

  • Seppington says:

    Regardless of whether you believe it’s bias or incompetence (it’s a combination of both) the fact is that Scottish referees are simply not good enough and the system in which they operate (i.e no declaration of which club they support/no public explanation and justification of decisions) needs a severe overhaul. As apparently neither side trusts them then it will require outside help. Start by making them professionals, no other jobs outside football to distract them from continually training their eyes and minds to see and make correct decisions. Teach them that “correct” means “fair” not “penalty to rangers”. Get shot of obvious clowns like Madden, Beaton, and wee tory shitebag Ross. Until proper refs of a high standard are trained get in refs from the continent. Whatever happens the current setup needs destroyed ASAP.

    Ignore ideas about not going to games posted by admitted trolls who only seek to cause harm and offence wherever they go. The team shouldn’t be without our backing. If you really think the club needs sent that sort of message then don’t buy strips/merch/programmes etc., don’t sign up to Celtic TV or buy the View. If that’s how you feel and you can go to the game then go and back our lhads but don’t spend money when you’re there.

  • Hugh says:

    John Clark writes ‘ Reporters then said, missed fouls did not affect the result’. How can a referee miss fouls. When I refereed there was the direct free kick for tripping, pushing, handling etc. where there was intent to cheat. There was the indirect free kick for dangerous play and for restarting the game for various things. A player with a late tackle for instance but deemed no intent to foul brings the opponent down can be blown up for dangerous play and the game restarted with indirect free kick. There is no way in hell can a tackle one way or the other be missed by any or all of the four officials unless the laws have changed since my day. Need to get pockets in football shorts too, give the players somewhere to put their hands as any ball striking them seems to be blown up nowadays.

  • Seppington says:

    “…. as any ball striking them seems to be blown up nowadays.”

    Haven’t they always been? Otherwise it would be “footsplat” and not “football”….

    I’ll get me coat….

  • Jim says:

    No referee who supports a particular team should officiate that team’s games.

    We know that would immediately remove our two ‘top’ referees, Beaton and Madden, and several others, from future Celtic v Rangers games.

    The Celtic board should press hard for this rule change. This is the way things are done in England and should be done here.

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