Today’s Transfer Report Suggests That Ange Is Ready To Solve Celtic’s Left Back Dilemma.

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The report in today’s papers linking Celtic with a move for the Hammarby defender Mohanad Jeahze, who plays for the Iraqi national team. He is a left back and he’s 25 years old, putting him firmly within our age and experience bracket.

Jeahze was the subject of a bid from Lech Poznan of Poland earlier in this campaign, which the Swedish club turned down flat. He has since become one of the most exciting players in their national league.

It would make sense for Celtic to be looking there.

According to the report, Ange views the left back position as a key priority for the summer window, and would like the business done quickly. Although the likelihood is that Celtic will be able to skip European qualifiers for the first time in a long time, it seems clear that the manager would like at least some of his business done in a brisk manner.

This is a real change of pace for Celtic; the slowness of our transfer business is one of the things that the club, rightly, has gotten stick for over the years.

f we really are looking to get deals over the line early in the summer that means we’ve definitely learned some lessons from previous years, and if Ange is prioritising a left back then that too suggests that for the first time in a long time we have a guy in the dugout who sees clearly what we all see and doesn’t play favourites.

This story comes as Greg Taylor emerges as one of the unlikely heroes of this campaign.

His interview with the media over the weekend, where he talked about how Ange has installed a really family feeling around the club was highly impressive, and Taylor will certainly have a role to play even if we’re signing a player for his position.

As this campaign has ably demonstrated, it’s a long campaign and you need to be able to chop and change and rotate as necessary.

The manager has a good eye for a player – this we can see clearly in the business he’s already done – but as Taylor said he also has a good sense for who will fit into the club and enhance the atmosphere around it.

This is the first transfer rumour of many, but if the particulars of it are right – that this has been identified as a key part of the strengthening and that the boss wants the business done in a timely manner so his new players are available to start training with the rest of the team – then we’re going to have a very good, and very interesting summer.

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  • Johnny Green says:

    It doesn’t matter where a player comes from, all that matters is that we trust our manager’s decisions in choosing the right player for the job, and that trust for me is already justified from our now firmly bedded in Japanese contingent.

  • SSMPM says:

    How much would Tierney cost? That’s an example of a proven quality left back, who just out of interest came from a backwater league in many people’s eyes.
    If Ange sees something in Jeahze then a bit of trust in the manager wouldn’t go amiss. Its still early days and we can’t have all the sweeties at once. It may not happen but we’re looking ahead, ahead of we usually are at this time of year so again progress at a club.
    Ange has excelled this season with his selection of players, he’s undertaken a massive overhaul and it seems like job done with 4 games to go. A bit of faith and trust in the man, which is all we have really, would be better than the moaning faced bitch approach

  • SSMPM says:

    Ahead of where we usually are … Jeahze

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