Ibrox’s Gutter Fans Are Being Investigated By The Police, And The SFA Is Stony Silent.

Image for Ibrox’s Gutter Fans Are Being Investigated By The Police, And The SFA Is Stony Silent.

The silence from Hampden is deafening.

We are 24 hours after yesterday’s game which is now the subject of a police investigation due to the racist and sectarian chanting that went on from the Ibrox fans, and the governing bodies have not uttered a word.

When Ibrox itself was recently the scene of numerous objects being thrown onto the pitch, the SFA distinguished itself by its utter cowardice in the face of it. They used all the ancient excuses; that clubs don’t want them to act, that the regulations which some want in place won’t work, that clubs do all they can to prevent this kind of thing.

But that game happened in an SPFL tournament.

This one was in their own flagship competition. This one happened on their doorstep, inside their own stadium, and not one word has been uttered about it. This is beyond cowardly. This is complicity.

Graham Spiers had a go at the club and its officials online, and until the news of the police inquiry broke he was one of the few who even mentioned the singing.

One Ibrox site has made the disgusting claim that it is only being highlighted because of the result … I cannot express enough my contempt for anyone who would write such obvious claptrap in the face of a serious issue.

We won at Ibrox and this site and others highlighted every moment of their shame.

When a website on their side indulges in such flagrant deflection instead of having the guts to confront the problem, that’s only part of what got us here. The media’s silence, for the whole of this campaign as the volume of these songs has gotten louder and louder and louder is another reason for it.

But above all of that is the SFA itself.

The governing body does not want to govern.

The governing body does not want to act.

Until clubs are docked points, or face heavy fines, or stand closures or stadium bans this will go on and on and on.

This will not stop.

If they had a yard of guts, if they cared about the reputation of the game, they would ban this club’s supporters from the final … but that would involve actually taking some shred of responsibility and they do not want to do it.

How much more of this is this country going to tolerate?

Where is the Scottish Government on it?

Football has no intention of getting its house in order, and although there have been threats by the legislature they don’t seem interested in taking the matter out of football’s hands … but it is getting to the point where someone has to do something.

Most important, of course, is to point out the elephant in the room; this is the behaviour of one club’s supporters, just one, a support which is immersed in hatred and bile and bigotry.

And until people are willing to start from that point and take it from there everything else is purely and simply pissing in the wind.

Spiers has the balls to confront it directly, and even as Police Scotland make it clear whose fans are in the dock the rest of his profession continues to hide along with the Hampden suits who are equally committed to doing nothing.

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  • Brian says:

    Yes. And the man who kept a version of them alive is just as guilty along with our board of directors they also say nothing. In fact our officials told us the SFA are doing a good job. Dear god wake up.

  • Kenneth Moore says:

    Perhaps its time for the SFA and Scottish Premiership to be sued for not acting on this problem. Its under their watch and therefore they are complicit if they dont address the issue directly. Im sure that a law suit wouldvget their attention.

  • Neil Mc laughlin says:

    Well said my thoughts exactly we are going back to being second class citizen s again if we where ever equals ?

  • Bottle Green says:

    What chance of holding the racists to account when the State broadcasting BBC are the biggest cheerleaders of the Racist club anywhere in the world. When the number one Racist sport commentator for the BBC Kenny MacIntyre calls The Rangers football supporters singing about being ”Up to their knees in Fenian blood” a fantastic atmosphere you know where they get their inspiration.
    How long will this blatant Racism be tolerated before it’s raised in Parliament and acted on.

  • Phil says:

    Where was the Celtic apology when hearts Barrie McKay was struck by various objects from the green brigade mob while taking a corner kick at a recent game at Celtic park.smacks of double standards.

    • Scouse bhoy says:

      Mckay the six millon dollar man was not struck by one object thats a fact

      • Magdalena’s Chestnut Gelding says:

        Celtic apologised directly to the player and in public immediately after the game and it was in the media the following day.

  • Stephen says:

    No their not

  • Scouse bhoy says:

    Lets us hope the six milion dollar man scores the winner in the final

  • Jack says:

    The problem we see today started when a tribute act was allowed to register in the league and pretend to be the dead Rangers. This needs called out or things will remain as they are. No 150 years of history and no 55 titles.

  • Martin says:

    There will be no club liability because the SFA know it will affect one club more than any other by orders of magnitude. Whether they can’t stomach hurting their own club, or can’t face the backlash that would come of this is up for debate, but the simple fact is Sevco would get 90% of the punishments if strict liability was brought in and that’s just terrible optics for an organisation which has ignored and enabled their filth for years.

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