The Sunday Mail’s Latest Pathetic Sevco Booster Is Unashamedly Dire.

Image for The Sunday Mail’s Latest Pathetic Sevco Booster Is Unashamedly Dire.

Oh dear oh dear.

The Sunday Mail has scraped the bottom of the barrel today with one of the worst Sevco feel-good stories in many a year.

With us winning 7-0 yesterday and laying down a marker for what little is left of the campaign, they had to come up with something.

I expected some wondrous transfer rumour or “investment” chatter … but they couldn’t even muster that much imagination. What they came up with instead is pretty pathetic.

Just looking at the title tells you everything about how bad it’s going to be.

“Rangers beat Celtic to unofficial title of world’s ‘favourite Scottish football club’”

Oh yes. They reached for the bottom drawer with this one.

This about searches on Google.

This is about how many times clubs are searched online.

It takes no heed of why a club is being searched – so we don’t know how many people were typing in “Rangers” followed by “are dead” or stuff like that … not that any of this matters a damn to sane and normal people.

Nobody will be popping champagne or losing sleep over it.

This is my favourite part of a dire, dire article.

“Olga Andrienko, of Semrush, said: “Celtic may have secured an unprecedented quadruple treble in 2020 but the new research shows that 2021 was (Ibrox’s) year on and off the pitch. (They) not only won the Scottish Premiership to prevent Celtic claiming 10 in a row but they toppled their arch rivals in online search volumes across the globe.”

Isn’t that absurd? Comparing a quadruple treble with something as pathetic as this?

Does this make a single Ibrox fan feel better about having to witness that achievement from Celtic, or the knowledge that we’re on the brink of starting another awesome run?

I mean I’ve read some absolutely atrocious pro-Ibrox tripe over the years, but this takes the cake. We are top of the league and playing some of the best football we’ve seen in years.

We’re all mentally counting down now to the title and looking forward to Hampden … and this is the best that the papers can do to inject some hope into their veins?


These really are hard times for the Sevconuts if they are clinging to this kind of crap.

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  • Dora says:

    Any time I start to type the rangers fans—rioting pops up…I’d love to see a poll on which fans destroy their city most and that would include Manchester, the country they love but, that is not reciprocated from most down south.
    Rotten to the kore that sevco footy klub!

    • Stephen McAdam says:

      Celtic are miles and mile a bigger club on every sense way way more fans no even close are the hunites! This would be gerard fanboys from around the world as their former director told them ” we are only a west of Scotland club , CELTIC are a real Gllobsk one”! His words Sunday herald 2002. Having lived and worked overseas i know we are way bigger! Only in brigadoon Scotland are the poison allowed to be well the poison!
      No one in their right mind would embrace the old or new club as it’s well known about their poisonous vile behaviour as they display it everywhere they go!

  • harold shand says:

    ‘ The worlds unofficial most googled club ‘

    Probably get that put on their shirts

    Right under the fake stars

  • Stephen McAdam says:

    Real global club I meant ,oh and that oldco director that told them the painful truth was Hugh Adam

  • McGillicuddy Dreams says:

    I search “Celtic” on Youtube frequently. I hardly ever search “Rangers”. Strangely, my frequently searched topics include Glasgow Rangers and not Glasgow Celtic. Go figure.

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