“Official Ibrox Media Partner” Dingwall In Disgusting Aussie Tour Smear.

Image for “Official Ibrox Media Partner” Dingwall In Disgusting Aussie Tour Smear.

Ibrox’s “official media partner” Mark Dingwall, of the Follow Follow website, has shown again that he has all the humanity of a serial killer by starting a thread on his debased forum christening the AngeBall Tour “The Rolf Harris Cup.”

These people are a depraved shower, and they are indulged and feted and beloved by a board of directors which the Australia Cup debacle itself proves possesses not one single scruple.

Celtic should be making representations to their club over this appalling individual, who thinks this subject is something to laugh about, and telling them to get him into line.

Every mainstream media outlet which paid to sit in the same room as him should be equally offended and threatening to withdraw from all events at which he’s present.

Really, these are the Peepul their club pulls closest to itself.

These are the Peepul to which it has pandered over the whole Australian event.

They are a disgrace and the club’s silence as they throw these kind of mind-bending slurs at people is a disgrace.

The old adage is that you are judged by the company you keep, and surely there have to be people in responsibility at Ibrox who know that this guy and his ilk shouldn’t be allowed in the ground far less able to swan about the building as if they own it.

His site has become notorious for its weaponization of this issue.

Their thread on the Celtic Boys Club cases runs to 800 plus pages and has generated 41,000 responses … this is their dark obsession and the way in which they have made it their focus reveals the hateful depths to which they are willing to sink.

That they treat it as a sick joke like this is all you need to see to remind you that they couldn’t be less concerned for the welfare of the victims; this is about point scoring and nothing more.

This is just something for them to laugh at and ridicule and use as a weapon.

Shame on Dingwall, his site and the club which continues to tolerate this.

And it comes a day after their other “official media partner” sent me this in response to a question I asked.

Which is a direct smear against Celtic itself.

This website has asked Celtic for comment.

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  • Delbhoy says:

    Yip the old sickos time and time again they r allowed to spread the disgusting vile comments ,all of them uneducated for they seem to not know that the abuse of children is a society shame and rather tackle the issue ,They TRFC supporters use it as a beating stick ,? R these People still hiding at what’s happening around them r they in denial of the shame they harbour,

  • Gerry Graham says:

    All this bile coming from a guy who cuts about Glasgow on a Saturday night with a dress & high heels and make up on..Ye I pay a lot of attention to that creep

  • Johnny mcglinchey says:

    Just go to the neely-dome on sunday and hammer the orange cunts. HH

  • Sophie Johnstone says:

    Love when a Hun comments,should be applauded that can type with his knuckles dragging along the ground

  • Bigmick says:

    Edgar is not an idiot,nor is he a blind fool.
    He is a devious, dark-minded, hateful, power tripping mouthpiece bigot.
    Hand picked by that despicable club as an exact representation of everything they are.
    The very definition of ugly, in every conceivable way.

  • stephen mcadam says:

    utter scum the lot of them and they try in laugh this vile shit off, obviously at the core of their vile hate is jealously as the WORLD KNOWS AND LOVES OUR GREAT CLUB! They weirdos even try in hang off our coatails with that pathetic “o f” bs ha ha who ironic is that! like some saddo stalker!! beat it! they know 99 percent of that club is poison! We should not even play any club from that cespit of hate! ON SUNDAY LETS FINISH THEM OFF!

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