Neil Lennon Should Keep His Mouth Shut About What Ange And Celtic Need.

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Neil Lennon has some balls. A Cypriot cup win has restored his swagger, and he now feels that he can critique the team Ange Postecoglou has built. He has identified what he thinks are weaknesses in it. He has said the club needs a central striker.

Like I said, he has balls. He should keep his damned mouth shut about what the current manager of this club should be doing in the summer.

Who the Hell is Lennon to offer the view that the team is lightweight? That team was good enough to win the title and the League Cup, and to get nine points from a bloody tough Europa League group. One of the teams Ange beat – home and away – was Ferencvaros, the very side Lennon blew it against last season and started the downward spiral.

I find his comments about “Ange’s development” to be frankly insulting as well. Ange has won titles in three countries, on three continents, and managed his country. He doesn’t need “development”; Ange is his own man and a fantastic coach. It is patronising and condescending for Lennon to make out that Ange still has things he needs to learn.

When you look at the career of Ange Postecoglou, you see progression. Lennon got the Celtic job twice, but he shouldn’t kid himself that he deserved it either time because he never did. He got it on the basis of an old pals act which should have seen other people at Celtic Park run out of the club on a rail. He flopped at Bolton. He self-destructed at Hibs.

He manages in Cyprus, and he can say all he wants that Ange inspired him to try his hand abroad, but if a single club in the UK had been willing to give him a gig he’d be in the lower leagues of England right now and still talking about how he was hard done by at Celtic Park.

No other former manager of this club in my recent memory has felt that he needs to lecture his predecessor and this guy is certainly the last person who should be attempting to do it.

Ange has cleaned up his mess, and what a Hell of a mess it was.

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  • Chrissy Wright says:

    Who is giving him the platform for these quotes.
    Should be concentrating on his squad for Europe.
    He is probably pished out his skull on Byres Road as I post and on the front page of the rags the morn.

  • MarkE says:

    I didn’t read what Lennon said; i saw the headlines and recoiled!

    Sutton said something about the board needing to strike while the irons hot, and it immediately made me think of past seasons when we should’ve done just that and solidify the team, build from a position of strength, but didn’t…lets all just hope that they’ve learned from past mistakes!

  • Seppington says:

    Lenny needs to wise up and shut up if he ever wants to be treated with anything but disdain from the faithful.

    psst that should say “lecture his successor”, not predecessor James….

  • Marco says:

    You wouldn’t take cognisance of one word he said. It’s not balls, the Ouzo’s strong stuff out there.

    • Jim says:

      Big Ange is 10 times the Manager, than ”Kebab Mick” will ever be.
      Won a tin pot cup against a side who have won only 5 of their last 32 games.
      Utterly,utterly deluded.
      Complete Managerial Dinosaur……..
      Forever should be remembered as the clueless, stubborn, deluded prick; who lost The 10.
      The Fkn audacity.

  • Tony B says:

    Lenny certainly has balls but unfortunately these days they’re all in his head.

  • Gary says:

    Absolutely couldn’t agree more,it is galling to hear this man say where he thinks the club lacks,embarrassing manager

  • PAUL MCCANN says:

    lightweight celtic 5 ferenchvaros 2 on aggregate shut up neil and give us piece

  • Frankie says:

    Lennys comments should get nowhere near any of our bloggs he has done his time at our club,let the Ange do his own management without any other telling him how to run us.

  • Quinny says:

    Lennon is a Celtic great …. he can say what he thinks . Everyone us entitled to their opinion , supporters included . If your performances on the Park improved Jamesie them maybe we wouldn’t have to suffer your inane rants at times … oh look what I’ve done .. made my opinion known like it or lump it . Ange is a big bhoy he can look after himself .

    • Stephen McAdam says:

      Celtic great! Nonsense utter nonsense!

    • Stephen McAdam says:

      One of our Greats!! He never be one in a million life times ! Nonsense! Throw in his weirdo behaviours with females and his boozy to ! And greats! You say! Geez peace!

  • Stephen McAdam says:

    Guy a fraud,lennon I mean made a fortune being given the privilege of being our great clubs manager! A job he no right ever to be given! First time to! Even more annoying it’s some of our own fans defence of him ! And yes I stood by him to when that posion attacked him to as did that scum media here I lived in Sydney at the height of it and put plenty people there straight on ” brigadoon” Scotland land of the hun! And one orc in particular, but as a manager he was average at best lost so many big games at hampden especially then after Rodgers made us serial winners he got given a dream job again he not right to! A team full of winners ! And he wrecked it like we knew he would! Then turned on us! The fans and now he thinks he can give his 2 Bob worth! Nah just go away you wee fraud! Celtic man my arse ! Lucky! Lucky man! ver?? Imagine Real living legends never git the chances he did Mcstays, Mcgrains ,Aitkens! That compounds it for me uncle Peter created a self entitled fraud in this guy and still he bleats! Just go away lennon and leave our Great club to us the fans and playesr and our Real manager! No one gives a toss about your opinion!

  • Jack says:

    Unfortunately for him and us, Neil Lennon was at the helm when Celtic shamefully lost the ten to a hun tribute act. A low profile would be the better course of action for him in my view.

  • Iljas Baker says:

    I think all these comments are disrespectful and vindictive. Neil Lennon is a Celtic legend. He won a lot with Celtic and he had some pretty good results in Europe. He’s still a supporter and his experience in Europe surely gives anything he says some weight. He’s not commenting on Ange, he’s simply stating his point of view based on his assessment of the current squad and his considerable experience playing against European clubs. Disagree by all means but give the guy some respect.

    • Stephen McAdam says:

      Nothing vindictive in any I read just facts as was saw them, he never any right to manage our great club! And then turned on fans who stood by him through that poison targeting him especially in 2011. He was never qualified for the job and was lawell yes man he had a decent plsying career tho came to late at 30 for me but was never no ” Celtic man” as he tried to say and that’s been shown in his actions on and off the park , none of want to hear from him full stop! He nothing to our club he long long burned those bridges and put us through the mill last season when he knew he should been long gone! Tho he should never been there in the first place!

  • Rod Galbraith says:

    Neil Lennon is the luckiest man ever two get a sniff of the Celtic job never mind twice.Now the club should appoint on an objective process and reap the reward of non familiarity instead our current manager has earned the right and will paint a new narrative allowing innovation and progression.This founded on a rounded approach instead of bile and entitlement. Ange will never stop… only the club and board can ensure that they grab a golden opportunity to develop the current platform and base this on careful thought and not on the semantics of a bang average previous manager… Mr Lennon your tea was out a long time ago.

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