Ange’s “No Timeline” Comments Don’t Give Our Board A Free Pass On Transfers.

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Ange Postecoglou is a pragmatic man. Before last season ended he was clear that he wanted some new players in before pre-season training began, because he did not want to begin this season the way he began the last one. He got a goalkeeper.

Three of the players he ended the campaign with are not present and two of them aren’t going to be. The club has not got the business over the line. He did an interview today where he gave a very laid back answer to questions about it.

But Ange knows what we all do; there is no point in moaning about it.

The deadline has been missed.

Now that this is the case, what’s he to do? He’s made it clear he wants the business done as quickly as possible but what’s the point in pushing it now? Those above him have failed in their first major task of the summer. All he can do is hope that it’s the last time they do.

There is no point in imposing deadlines on them only for them to miss again.

Nothing he said today will have comforted those in the support who are getting antsy.

The feeling continues to grow that something hasn’t gone quite right with the Jota negotiations. I still think that deal will get done … frankly, the embarrassment to the board will be enormous if this has been allowed to drag on for it to fall short.

Those who emailed me today to tell me the Portuguese window doesn’t open until the end of the month should be wondering how Liverpool managed to unveil Darwin Nunes nearly a fortnight ago, at around the same time we officially signed Carter Vickers.

We trust the manager 100%.

We do not trust those above him, and we have good reason not to.

The reforms of the club have stopped at the football operation; those in the boardroom still think they know more about running that operation than the man in the dugout. This is what happens when you promote from within in a system which has already failed time and again to do the most critical job they have; making sure the manager has full support.

The fact of it is that when it comes to summer transfer business, this club has slow-walked every manager in the last two decades, including Martin O’Neill and Brendan Rodgers. What we are witnessing is not new.

If they had been trying to hamstring previous managers, they could not have done it with more skill.

Rodgers endured a transfer window so appalling in his final months at the club that it made his leaving a certainty.

Peter Lawwell, on the day after their famous bust-up over John McGinn, told me at a meeting that “we’ve done things this summer the way we always do, so what’s changed?”

What I should have said that day was “nothing, that’s the problem.”

A manager who had won an Invincible Treble and been the first to win back-to-back trebles deserved full backing, not a CEO more focussed on saving a few quid than giving him that support.

The same mind-set exists right now, because the same personnel are in place in the upper echelons.

Lawwell has been replaced by the guy who sat in at that meeting, as his glorified secretary. That man has not uttered one word to the fans or media since taking the job. There is having a low profile and there’s having no profile to speak of.

If these guys let this manager down the way they have the others there will be forgiving them for it.

They don’t get any benefit of the doubt.

They get judged on what they achieve, not on vague promises of jam tomorrow, and they will definitely get judged if the jam doesn’t come around. The way they do things is farcical and it is not the first time since he took over that they have shoved Ange in front of the fans to take the bullets for them.

But that strategy eventually runs out of road.

Ange himself was supposed to be offered a new deal, on improved terms.

He has more than earned it, but still he waits for it as he waits for his players.

It makes you wonder what this board thinks its role really is.

The way they do things is a nonsense, and it has already led us into crisis several times.

They ought to have been hounded out the door the last time.

God forbid that we have to go through another summer of turmoil.

With his lot you never know.

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  • Johnny Green says:

    If Ange is prepared to be patient until he gets players of the right calibre before signing them, then I am too. Calm yer jets James, we are on the right track here and if the board were indeed the cause of a transfer bottle neck, then I’m sure Ange would soon take them to task.

    • Martin H. says:

      Ange is not the type of guy to get pissed about, if he’s let down by the board, he’ll walk, because he won’t be short of offers.

  • John says:

    You need to go into a dark room and chill for a bit. Your rantings this evening regarding the Jota saga are tiresome.You know F*ck all about the complexity of transfer dealings the same as me.It sounds to me as if you would get some perverse pleasure if this deal failed so that you can heap more abuse onto the board and CEO.

  • bertie basset says:

    i’d hope they are tying up loose ends to get the deal over the line , the board will know how much the fans want this deal done

  • Gerry Graham says:

    I am not in the least bit surprised..It’s a wonder Ange hasn’t been told yet to go with what he’s got..This board make me sick the way they mess things up season after season..I’ll stick my neck out here and say Jota ain’t coming because the board won’t pay the asking price..If they keep this up Big Ange won’t be here next season and that’s a cert..???


    Every Summer, sure as night follows day it’s Squeaky bum time on the Celtic transfer front.
    The Celtic Board know we have enough in the Squad to dominate the Scottish game for the next couple of seasons at least and we’re guaranteed £40 million, give or take a quid, for next year just for turning up. Probably the same the next year as well.

    The Board are not interested in making Celtic stronger for the European game as that takes SERIOUS money. What’s the point of serious financial outlay, transfer fees and higher wages for European class players for them to play in the Scottish League.

    We’ll always be cannon fodder for teams from the big 5 Leagues, with the usual notable win and ‘plucky’ performances. The Board are happy with the group pot of gold which they will earmark for the hotel / museum project. Second instalment likely guaranteed for next year as well.

    Plus, as we’ve all witnessed over the years, 55 in my case ( God, there that feckin number again), we can’t be allowed to get too far ahead of our A&&d F££m partners. We must maintain the illusion. That’s the Scottish game ‘La Grande Illusion’.

  • john clarke says:

    In Britain, inflation is now running at 9.1% much the same as USA. Central Banks of countries with this problem are increasing interest rates. Costs of running businesses are increasing. Many countries are fearing recession. The USA won’t mention the r word. Don’t Panic Everyone. Football Player transfer valuations and buys have been sliding downwards since January 2022; less so for the EPL. Agents are desperately attempting to stop this trend.

  • Bhoy4life says:

    Jota is obviously holding out for more cash from us or using us to get an improved deal elsewhere.
    Either way, it says a lot about him as a man that he would do that to a club that resurrected his career.
    Do we want someone like that at the club even if he is a decent player?

  • John S says:

    Up until now Mr. Nicholson has been quiet but efficient. The Board must realise that they cannot afford to disappoint the manager too greatly. The persistent problem has been not being ready for the early rounds in Europe.
    Celtic do not have limitless funds and the Board, thus far, has steered the club through the choppy waters of a pandemic with cash to spend. £6M on one defender is a hefty deal. We all hope the manager gets the troops he needs, he’s not panicking, neither should the fans.

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