Celtic, The Bloggers, The SFA And What Orwell Got Right About The Lie Of 55.

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At the centre of Orwell’s masterpiece is a simple truth;

“He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past.”

If those in power are able to re-write history then they can frame everything they do against a backdrop of “success” and glory and in doing so, they can set the agenda far ahead of them.

The last few weeks have been great for Celtic fans, as we celebrate the title and look to the future with great enthusiasm. But you don’t have to look too far to see the way that those who think they control the narrative are chipping away at us from every side, including trying either to re-write the past or to disparage our achievements in it.

The most egregious example of this was when they targeted our achievement in 1967, trying to place it in the shadow of Ibrox’s 7 win run to the second tier European final. If they had won that competition that narrative would have gone into overdrive. The full consequences of that would have been with us for the rest of our lives and far beyond.

Yesterday, I did a piece on the media’s efforts to reframe Andy Goram as a good lad who was basically misunderstood.

History is being re-written all around us, and that’s a dangerous thing to allow the media to do.

We need to resist this stuff with all we have.

No lie, of course, is greater than the Lie of 55.

There are some who find the whole debate tiresome, but it’s vitally important that we continue to fight this fight because the size of that lie is so vast that it overshadows every other that’s been told in the history of Scottish football.

To allow the Survival Lie is bad enough, but the one that flows from it – the Victim Lie – is even more dangerous and damaging. That simply cannot be allowed to stand.

The Lie of 55 isn’t just about the alleged survival of their club. It’s about the titles which should have been stripped but were not, about a corrupt stitch up which our club stamped its feet over but never actually properly resisted. There is no other football association anywhere which would have permitted the tainted EBT titles to remain.

The media thinks that it controls the narrative right now, and therefore that they control the past.

But they don’t. Those days are over with.

There is a very real argument for saying that we control the present, and that the final word on the past will belong to the bloggers and those who will write the books about this period in the Scottish game.

I cannot think of a more important function for us.

Being a Celtic blogger is not just about promoting the club.

It is a constant battle against the rewriting of history, a constant struggle against the tide of nonsense and lies, a constant effort to frame the narrative in a way that more resembles the truth.

With the media either on board pushing the lies or remaining dead silent on these issues it is only the work of the Celtic sites which keeps the bullshit from completely swamping us.

The story of how Police Scotland blew the investigations into the liquidation of Rangers show you what we’re up against. An official agency of the state operated in a partisan manner to seek revenge rather than justice.

There are people in the media who will simply never quit trying to undermine us and promote their favourites … and then there’s the governing bodies themselves, who have not reformed and show no inclination to do so.

The struggle is constant, but believe me when I tell you that it’s doing the job it is intended to do. Look at how aggressively Ibrox pushes its fantasies; the 150th anniversary, the 55th title, even this Old Firm nonsense. Why did they promote these things in such an OTT fashion, as if they were trying to convince themselves as much as the rest of us?

They were forced to, because the present is not yet in their control and so they cannot simply create the past narrative that would secure their future. Neither they nor their media allies are in command of the landscape and we won’t allow them to be.

In Orwell’s magnificent political essay “Facing Unpleasant Facts” he stated that;

“We have now sunk to a depth at which restatement of the obvious is the first duty of intelligent men. If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear. In times of universal deceit, telling the truth will be a revolutionary act.”

If this club is to be strong in the future, we must fight in the present to offer a clear understanding of what happened in the past. We must restate the obvious, tell Peepul what they don’t want to hear and state the facts again and again and again no matter what.

Is it not a means of scoring points or pushing our own version of events; we are defending the truth itself, on which all future facts and understandings will be built.

That’s not just something we should do reluctantly or merely when suits us but every single day and with vigour.

To be frank, it is our goddamned duty to this club and to future generations of fans.

Those who come after us must inherit a football landscape which resembles reality as closely as it possibly can, not what our enemies would create; a stinking valley of lies.

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  • Mark B says:

    On vacation sitting at dinner. Who is in my Hotel… Ange and his wife. Amazing. Said hello and he was as nice and genuine in person but of course left him and his wife to enjoy dinner. It’s in Greece I won’t say where. Hail Hail. I simply thanked him for what he has brought.

  • Frankie says:

    If intelligent people sat down and spoke about their liquidation when and how ,they would be laughed at about their 55 that never was and never will be, they have been drinking to much cludgy water out the loving cup do these idiots know the meaning of liquidation maybe the should ask Lord Hodge what it means.

  • John S says:

    BBC’s ‘How The League Was Won’ began with the ’55’ lie.

  • FSTB says:

    The simple fact of the matter is .
    If the stauch and the bigots that attend Ibrokes every 2nd week had to face up to the fact that the club they followed and their fathers and grandfathers brought them up in ,was no longer in existence they would simply do walking away, the peepil running the new club know it ,the SFA know it , the spfl know it and the board at celtic know it .
    They would be playing to crowds of 25 thousand or less.
    Why do you think they are even more bigoted and hate filled than the old dead club .
    Orange kits everywhere references to her majesty at every turn ,going for 55
    ,old firm this old firm that .
    All to convince the gullible bigots coming through the next generation that their protestant values are still first and foremost at the club playing out of Ibrokes.


    quote- ‘If this club is to be strong in the future, we must fight in the present to offer a clear understanding of what happened in the past.’

    That above sentence WILL send those in the CP boardroom scurrying for the hills, their hands are COVERED in the shit that was; the 5 way agreement.

    I agree with all your sentiments but Celtic are not totally innocent in what transpired, and therein lies the rub, coz they know, that we know, that they are as gulity as the other agreeing parties in that sordid agreement.

    And well done Mark (above comment) for not giving away Ange & Family’s holiday destination, after the past seasons efforts the man deserves his quiet time in the sun with his family. BRAVO Mark!!

  • Jaiysee says:

    The lie of 55 is the undeniable proof that there is no sporting integrity in Scottish Football .The fact this lie is not only supported by,but actually promoted by the governing body is sad but demonstrates how poor the professional game has become in terms of long term growth and vision.unfortunately we have to accept Celtic management are fully complicit in this too !

  • Starman says:

    Yir clubs Deid SCUM.. BEAT IT!!

  • Bob (original) says:

    Any football club – playing in any normal league – which deliberately cheated its fellow clubs for a decade,
    by fielding ineligible players – would be kicked out of that league.

    That should always be the starting point when talking about 55 titles or 150th year.

  • scouse bhoy says:

    dont forget the 276 businesses they swindled including a large part of scotlands media shame radar and sunday mail £312 and radio snyde £702. it really is beyond belief.

  • Jim Meechan says:

    Never let them forget

  • Johnny Green says:

    Well said James and thank you for challenging their version of the truth at every opportunity. We need guys like you to refute their lies every time they spin them. They have told the same lies so many times that in their pea brained heads they actually accept those porkies as the God’s honest truth.

    They still believe and recount the story of Celtic turning on the Parkhead floodlights as a reference point to guide the Luftwaffe into Glasgow during the second world war despite the fact that the first floodlights at Celtic Park were turned on in 1959. You couldn’t make it up, but they do all the time and take their version as gospel.

    Keep giving it BIG to them James, keep making them look stupid and keep fighting the good fight on our behalf, we appreciates it.

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