Celtic’s Strip Tease Hints At A Very Interesting First Day Of The Transfer Window.

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What exactly is Celtic planning for us tomorrow?

What exactly is being planned short of the away shirt launch which the club hinted at with a little – if you’ll pardon the pun – striptease today?

Something? Nothing? The latter would be a huge let down.

Expectations are sky-high, and the club must know it. The window opens on the day that the strips get launched? Coincidence? If it is then it’s a cruel one based on the two big announcements that most of the fans are expecting.

Will we get them? I suspect yes, but I’m not ready to say absolutely because this club has let us down so consistently in the past.

If we do it, and we get our two big deals over the line, and even add the goalkeeper it will be a better day than we’ve had during a summer window for a long, long time.

The sort that will suggest that big lessons were learned.

There are still big questions about the operation behind the manager.

A good day tomorrow would answer at least a couple of them.

I’ve predicted a quiet summer, after a brief splurge in business, and I am hopeful that’s what happens … because if it does then for once the system is working exactly as it should, with all the machinery in sync.

The marketing department is clearly gearing up … if the club is doing joined up thinking at all then it’s a perfect moment to give them something to market. We’re all waiting here on news.

We’re all waiting here on the first signs of the big plan being put into effect, and I think this just heightens the sense that it’s all going to come together.

This is a massive summer.

In many ways it might even be more important than the last one. The sense of forward momentum has to be maintained. If the manager gets the right backing, then the sky’s the limit. If this club stands still it might as well be going backwards. This guy has big plans. We all want to seem starting to coalesce into something.

Tomorrow will be an interesting day one way or another, and one that we’re going to learn a lot from. If it’s a damp squib, a lot of folk will alter their overall expectations accordingly.

That would be a great shame, considering where we are right now.

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  • Sophie Johnstone says:

    A damp squib because we don’t sign a player on the FIRST day,wee bit OTT don’t you think

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