Does Jota’s Absence From Celtic’s Pre-Season Start Suggest A Problem Here?

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There are two schools of thought on the Jota situation, as it presently stands.

One good and one not so good.

Notice that I haven’t said one good and one bad.

Because even the not so good one might well have a happy ending, if people get serious.

In the good one, the deal is done and we’re only waiting to announce it.

You know something? That seems increasingly unlikely.

The deal is not done.

If it was, he would have been sweating it out on the training pitch with the rest of the team today.

Before this morning, there were reasons for believing  in the best case scenario.

Today there are just questions over it, and what we’re doing. It was all well and good when the players were all still on holiday, but today they were back. So this wasn’t a case of the guy being away travelling and the deal not getting done because of that.

The Carter Vickers deal was completed when he was on international duty.

This one could have been announced with Jota not even in the country.

So the work with the squad is underway already and he’s not taking part in it.

If he’s committed to this club, or intends to be, he should have been there.

What his absence tells us – definitively – is that this isn’t a done deal. That this isn’t complete yet. That somebody – either on his side or ours – is delaying and waiting for God knows what.

That’s not tenable. The team jets out to Austria at the end of the week.

His loan contract must be up already.

The option on Carter Vickers’ deal expired on the 15th and it’s clear – from his absence – that he is no longer a Celtic player.

Leaks to the press that the club is “relaxed” by the time this is taking bring me no comfort whatsoever. The last time I heard the club talking like that was when they were “relaxed” about the time Eddie Howe was taking to make up his mind.

There comes a time when the club has to draw a line in the sand if that’s what it’s going to take, or admit to a problem and level with the fans if that’s the situation.

There is no more kidding ourselves on that this one is settled, and as long as it’s not then anything can happen.

I still think we’ll get it done.

But the delay is inexplicable, and it’s starting to become a genuine cause for concern.

Celtic need to move this along, one way or another, and fast. Because the manager wanted the big issues settled before today … and all he’s got is a team weaker than the one that finished the last campaign.

That is not tenable either folks.

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  • John A says:

    Could the reason we are looking at another forward be that Maeda is being targeted now for left wing alone? Jota deal is taking too long, all the praise about us getting things done quicker now looks wrong. Bankier and Co have their own agenda. I think the Jota deal is collapsing, hope I am wrong.

    • Eamonn Little says:

      Jota’s agent I believe complicit in hold up,urging him to keep his powder dry,and see if any other bigger and better offers are forthcoming.I agree wit James.If he was commited,today is the day he reported back for duty.Ah hae ma doots as we say in Scotland.

  • Eamonn Little says:

    Could be the club getting their ducks in a row to announce multiple signings simultaneously.But to be honest that’s me shooting in the dark.Going back to the old poker games over a couple of hundred grand is not on.Thought those days were behind us.

  • Gordon Ashley says:

    My gut feeling for a while is that he is asking for a 3 year contract so he can leave after 1 year and also a release trigger price of say £9-10m and Celtic are telling them to f*ck off.. all the power even with a loan to buy deal is still with the player and agents

  • Bigchunkylardass says:

    Eddie Howe last year, Jota this year – board “very relaxed” about it……
    Until he signs, I dont belive hes coming now…

  • Mr Vincent McSherry mcsherry says:

    I believe Jotas loan spell is up at the end of the month,hopefully that is the cause of delay

  • John says:

    Perhaps it could just be that he is still under contract to Benefica til the end of the month and if so no announcement can be made. If indeed he or his agent is playing hard ball then we should tell him to get tae and move on. Ange will have factored that in I’m sure and a replacement will be found. I’m a glass half full man whichever way it goes.

  • Stuart Murdoch says:

    Only need three words “fear the worst” he’s not coming.

  • Cammybhoy says:

    Is it because he’s contracted until 30th June and it’ll be announced on Friday

  • steven mcginlay says:

    Jota can’t officially sign till Friday. The Portuguese transfer window opens on the first of July

  • James Forrest says:

    Darwin Nunzez was announced as a Liverpool signing, from Benfica, on 14 June.

    There is nothing to prevent Celtic announcing this signing right now if it is done.

  • John Gow says:

    James, you said transfers are not difficult so I don’t know why you are coming up with scenarios that make this one look difficult.

  • Effarr says:

    I was told on here last week that I was being negative when I questioned Jota`s situation. Postecoglu`s reputation could be tested severely by this prima donna. I`ll give the Celtic board the same advice I gave them a few weeks before the end of the Howe debacle. Set him a date, say the next 72 hours, to sign on the dotted line or remain in whatever dance hall he is in at that precise moment. Let them take control, not him.

    He is only beginning to undermine everything that the manager has started.

    Let him get back to being a nonentity in the Benfica reserves..

  • Jim says:

    Perhaps it is going to be announced on Friday.

    Given Ange’s known dislike of reluctant conscripts, I don’t think Jota will be given much longer to decide, if he is hesitating.

    We will know soon, one way or the other.

    • Roonsa says:

      Yeah. I like a Friday announcement. But it doesn’t really make sense that they’d wait till Friday if training started today. It is the 1st of the month though so there’s a thought.

      I say we give him till the end of the week and if there is still nothing we all pile round to his gaff and kick his fucking head in. For the LOLZ.

      I can see the snubbed headlines in the Record now though. Maybe we’ll do what happened last year and announce a totally unknown replacement a few days later and he turns out to be a genius like the big Aussie.

      Who knows? I’m relaxed about it all even if everyone else is preparing to spit out the dummy. Ya buncha fuds.

  • Duncan says:

    His Loan Contract will be up already …

    Why would he be at the first day of Pre Season at Celtic (risking injury without a contract) if he isn’t t even employed by a Club?
    Patience was never a strong point within the Celtic Support.
    All the conjecture in the World won’t change a single hing.
    He will or won’t be a Celtic Player come the start of the Season and it’s that simple.

  • Roonsa says:

    And the prize for stating the bloody obvious goes to ….
    Duncan for “He will or won’t be a Celtic Player come the start of the Season ”

    Congratulations Duncan.

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