The Latest Juranovic Non-Story Should Not Be Troubling Celtic Fans At All.

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So this Juranovic nonsense has reared its head again today, with Atletico Madrid one of the clubs who is allegedly interested.

This comes from “Sky Sports” so a lot of people seem to be taking it terribly seriously.

I’m not, and I’m happy to tell you why.

Sky Sports aren’t alleging a bid. They aren’t alleging anything more than “interest.”

Know how many players our club has been credited with an “interest” in this window alone?

Dozens? Hundreds.

Know how many we’ve actually wanted? A handful.

What you have to remember is that the periphery of football is filled with people scrabbling not for influence but for relevance. And some of them will talk the worst kind of nonsense in order to be taken seriously.

There are so many of them out there that nobody should believe a word of it.

Clubs who are interested in players, seriously interested, bid for them.

They don’t leak to everybody out there. Romano’s nutty tweet has grown legs here.

Nothing has changed from what we were seeing a few weeks ago.

Juranovic is happy at Celtic. He is not agitating for a move.

Until a club submits a bid there is nothing for Celtic to consider or for Celtic fans to be concerned about, and I am very confident that even if an actual bid – as opposed to all this dancing around the margins – came in that we would reject it.

Juranovic is not leaving Celtic during this window.

Not unless the offer is real and obscene and the player basically tells us he wants to go.

What does “obscene” mean?

Well, if Ibrox is confident of getting £25 million for Bassey then I’d say we should be slapping the same transfer value on our Croatian right back. Not because we’ll get it, but to see how ridiculous the media and other clubs find it.

If someone’s daft enough to pay it, Celtic should bite their hand off.

Otherwise, the guy has four years left on his deal and so we hold all the cards.

There is nothing to see here, and nothing to be concerned about even if there was.

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  • Larsson7 says:


  • Martin says:

    25 million? In a continent of sparcity at right back, we should start the price at twice that. I don’t think he’s going anywhere but we have 4 years of him tied down so if clubs come calling, test their mettle.

  • Martin H. says:

    An even bigger story, Gareth Bale, not going to the ibrox club, after all.

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