The Woeful European Performances Of Other Clubs Continues To Drag Celtic Down.

Image for The Woeful European Performances Of Other Clubs Continues To Drag Celtic Down.

This, tonight, is why the co-efficient has to be nudged up on years when ourselves or Ibrox put together a run and get some positive results. Tonight’s epic embarrassment for Scottish football as Motherwell went out to Sligo Rovers.

I don’t like criticising other teams in Europe (except one, but give them their due; they have done as much for that co-efficient as we have) but what else is there to say? That result is disgraceful. They’ve lost the tie, and lost in both legs of it, to a team from the League of Ireland. That has long terms effects on our game. That cannot be ignored.

There is talk in some quarters about how clubs don’t enjoy European football, as they don’t make money out of it and consider the games too early in the season and thus treat them as throwaway games. I’m not saying that’s what happened here, and it’s probably a better excuse than Motherwell deserve, but I am assured it does happen.

That’s utterly stone selfish of those clubs. If they aren’t going to compete, if they aren’t going to turn up, they should hand the place over to someone who will instead of inflicting on Scotland this form of embarrassment.

First leg results, we can forgive and forget. We’ve suffered some shockers ourselves, and we’ve also been knocked out by a right few bad teams … but a team who didn’t even finish top of the Irish League? That’s a Progres style disaster, on that scale of humiliation for Motherwell as it was for Ibrox. It’s the sort that should command a major inquest.

There are people who will squeal that Celtic has a cheek to talk. Do we? When a League of Ireland side knocks us out of Europe, get back to me. Linfield fans were sneering after they beat Bodo in the first leg of their game … they conceded eight in the second leg though and are very much out and not laughing anymore.

Nobody will be laughing tonight in Motherwell. That result is a travesty and to Scottish football an utter disgrace. Every player should be thoroughly ashamed after it.

The sooner UEFA does away with any dependence we have on the “national co-efficient” the better. Time to stand and fall away from this kind of embarrassment, which only serves to drag us ever downward.

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  • Johnny Green says:

    Yes it is shockingly bad. I thought the standards of Scottish Premier League football had been improving and now this, Motherwell are a disgrace, no excuses, they should be ashamed of themselves.

  • SSMPM says:

    I can’t understand why Motherwell players wouldn’t try to get to the next round of a European competition. I mean its simple, from a kid to an adult, a low level of football to a high level, when you get on a pitch you try to win. Maybe the cost of travel to a far away country with flights and covid is an issue to club’s board members but I suspect they just weren’t good enough and it does reflect badly on our standard sadly

  • Magdalena’s Chestnut Gelding says:

    For smaller clubs the early rounds of any European tournament costs them money.

    Motherwell have an appallingly low support, So Gate money is negligible. Chartering a flight, booking a hotel, training facilities and security cost a lot of money for the away leg. UEFA standard facilities/provisions for the home tie will cost too.

    The timing is generally against a Scottish club too. Invariably drawn against a Scandinavian or Irish club who are already well in to their season.

    Smaller squads, fear of injuries and disruption to their league campaign before it even starts will play on the minds of all concerned.

    Being diabolically bad most certainly doesn’t help either.

    I would hazard a guess that may directors at clubs like Motherwell have to wrestle with their hearts and heads when it comes to European “qualification”. It’s not really qualification though, it’s an expensive and hazardous lottery.

    The main tournaments are a carve up. The qualification rounds are an attempt to make the competing teams feel as though they are in the competition proper when they are not. It’s a “there there little one, you’ve had a shot at the big boys game now back you go to domestic mid table mediocrity and leave the group stages to the big boys”.

  • Sophie Johnstone says:

    Isn’t League of Ireland improving to a level that matches mid level Scottish teams

  • Roonsa says:

    Rubbish article and rubbish comments. It’s up to Scottish football as a whole to improve our lot in Europe. Slagging off Motherwell and questioning their commitment is not for us to do. If that game was played in September or October then I have no doubt Motherwell would have won it comfortably. League of Ireland teams are in the latter stages of their season.

    This is a problem all Scottish teams face, not just Motherwell. Even the huns who, as we all know, were a whisker away from condemning George Square to a fate that I still can’t bring myself to contemplate, were knocked out the CL qualifiers last season by a team that had a march on them in terms of match fitness. Oh how we all laughed, and rightly so. But it still shows that match fitness is key, regardless of the opposition.

    As the old adage goes, “don’t bring me problems, bring me solutions”. And by solutions I don’t mean fuck Motherwell, our coefficient should stand on its own. Because, let’s face it, if things continue the way they have been going, our coefficient in Europe could stand for next to hee haw.

    Try to be more positive about Scottish football FFS.

    Summer football, anyone?

    • Stephen Buchan says:

      I agree that summer football would help but if Motherwell knew when their first gsme was surely they should plan pre season to be ready.

  • Stephen Buchan says:

    Time for co efficient for countries to be scrapped. Teams should stand on their own merits. My own view is that only champions should qualify for the league stages. The rest should qualify from a straigjt knockout tournament. No seeds just take your chances.

  • Peterbrady says:

    Saying that yes but every Celtic supporter will be supporting the unions of Belgium against the sevco zombie scum next week HAIL!HAIL!

  • john clarke says:

    Johnny Kenny will be beaming. I hope he gets a run against Motherwell. I would let him wear his Sligo tracksuit to the bench. “mental terrorism”. Some of the Motherwell Fans abused their own players at the end of the game. Totally wrong. Why? They will only feel

  • Johnny Green says:

    I see Alexander has been deservedly sacked ( by mutual consent)…. Aye right!

  • Henry says:

    The problem isnt really the clubs – the problem is the SFA. In 1993 Portugal put 5 past Scotland – that was the wake up call that the whole approach had to change. Portugal played an entirely different game to Scotland. And what was the response from the blue blazer wearing masons? Nothing!

    In the 60s, when most foreign teams were hoofing it and Scottish teams were hoofing it, Scottish teams with a handful of really skilful players could see of teams from Sweden, Denmark, Belgium etc. Now after they completely changed their approach these teams have players far superior to the Scottish players.

    Also, the League of Ireland plays in the summer so they dont train on rock hard pitches.Time to send the masons at the SFA packing.

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