Ibrox Fans Still Playing The Blame Game Instead Of Confronting The Enemy Within.

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There was serious disorder today between the fans of Ibrox and those of Spurs. Battles up and down Paisley Road West, in the city centre. There are, doubtless, standoffs going off as I write this and this is probably the pattern for the rest of the night in Glasgow.

Ibrox fans are playing the blame game. Blaming everyone else, in other words. I’ve read some of them blaming the Spurs fans, others blaming Aberdeen fans (I know, right?) and more yet who seem to think Celtic fans were causing all the trouble.

Always, always, always it is down to somebody else.

All that does is gives an alibi to those who were actually responsible, and this is the established pattern with them. It’s why these problems continue to plague them. It’s why they have such a shocking reputation all across Europe, and not even their relatively good behaviour in Seville (which was ready for them) can or will change that.

There is a section of their support which spends all its time spewing hatred and wants to fight with the world. Until they are confronted – and the Police could do it better and the media can do it better and our politicians can do it better – this will continue.

Yet it’s not the police, the media or the politicians who can genuinely make the difference here. Only the rest of their support, speaking with one voice and telling these Peepul that they are not welcome within it, can truly wipe the stain of this lot away.

You know, I have more respect for the numpties, morons and psychopaths on their forums who freely admit that they’d have loved to be there in the thick of it than those who tut-tut and try to fob it off as supporters of some other club.

Clearly, there needs to be a reckoning, and those fans who have had enough of these folk need to start speaking up, or speaking more loudly, and lobbying their club to actually do something about it. They know who these yahoos are … but until the movement against them comes from within then it will grow until it completely consumes them.

Sometimes I think that maybe it would be better if it did. Then perhaps the meaningful confrontation with all of officialdom would be necessary. It’s going to take one or the other before this kind of nonsense stops.

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  • Scouse bhoy says:

    Have to disagree on one point and it is the crux of the whole fiasco. Until the media, police, and the scottish government address this cancer then its as you go. The two george square bigoted racist drug booze riots were a disgrace. The biggest disgrace was that no one was held accountable the second riot beggared belief. Until the same club nonsense is highlighted then nothing will happen in a so called free presss. Scotlands sports media are a disgrace to their proffession

  • Dora says:

    Not sure when it sinks into that rotten support that they are despised-they even have a little chant to back that one up but Fk me they should care..!!
    Permanent stain on society and an embarrassment to the footballing world, but like lots have said, leave them to it and wallow in their own Gick whilst shaming their klub further-although saying that, the shameometet broke down years ago…

  • Mr Vincent McSherry mcsherry says:

    Not the Police? r u having a joke ? They are a big big part of the farce!

  • Roonsa says:

    There is an identity crisis with that shower of cunts. They don’t know who to hate. Because of the GB’s stance with Palestine, they “stand” with Jews. But wait a wee minute, how can they stand with those villainous Jews when they are just as conspiratorial as those filthy Fenians?

    Spurs = Jews = Scum. That is their take on things. Fuck them.

  • Mr Vincent McSherry mcsherry says:

    One arrest? This tells me the Police are not doing their job and I am convinced they are part of the problem as already witnessed at George Square et. etc.,

  • SSMPM says:

    To them its like a medal of honour for standing up for and against those that don’t support their culture. Their club support them, the government allow it and the black shirts police it because they’re intrinsically one and the same

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