Why Ange’s Answer On Celtic’s Latest Striker Link Might Well Be Significant.

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This is a transfer story which took me somewhat by surprise, as I had not heard of any Celtic interest in the Banik Ostrava striker Ladislav Almasi, who we played against yesterday. (He wore the number 99 shirt.) But it’s a strong enough rumour that Ange was asked about it directly after the match, by a reporter. His answer is kind of interesting.

According to VideoCelts, this is what Ange was asked.

“I have read some articles on Celtic’s interest in Ladislav Almási , could you please confirm or refuse this information?”

And this was the answer he gave.

“No I don’t because I get asked these questions every day and there is a new player every day. We’re still working in the background and hopefully we’ll get some new players in.”

On the surface, it reads like a stock answer. So why might it be significant? Well, the reason for that is that Ange does get asked this stuff every day, and every day he has to give answers … the thing is, when we’re not interested in a player Ange will explicitly say so.

Take the questions he was asked, pre-match, about the PSG player Eduardo Michut and his former charge Aaron Mooy. He discussed both, and he explicitly denied both. What he said in addition was that we were interested on a number of fronts and that things were being worked on in the background. That’s Ange at his straight talking best.

In this case, he did not do this. He skipped over the question. And when you look at the player himself you can probably see why he might be an option.

He is in the right age bracket, the right cost bracket and he scores goals.

Ladislav Almási is 23. He’s 6’5, and strong. He’s a full international and he has a pretty decent scoring record at his level. He has been at Ostrava for one season, but you wouldn’t imagine that their club will be difficult to deal with if the right offer comes.

Stories continue to circulate suggesting that we’re linked with a front man. A big battering ram type like this guy would complement the penalty box player we have in Giakoumakis and the all-rounder we have in Kyogo. It would add another string to our bow, and give us a physical edge in those matches where that is required.

It might be something, and it might be nothing.

But this is what I do on this site, I’m the Rumour Guy and I comment on transfer stories … and the way Ange moved to deny interest in certain players yesterday whilst keeping this alive … I found it interesting.

The Rumour Guy is a Celtic fan and blogger from Glasgow.

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  • Johnny Green says:

    I don’t see it happening as we already have Giorgios who at 6′-1″ comes into that category already. Besides we don’t nee another striker. If we played with twin strikers it may be an option, but we already have 4 strikers competing for one place,

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