A Headline That Sums Up The Stupidity Of The “Fan Media” That Fishes For Celtic Hits.

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The site shall remain nameless, but really I ought to name and shame. But I won’t. I’ll spare the writer the embarrassment of that, because I don’t intend to be in the least bit gentle here in what I’m about to say or how I’m going to sum it up.

Here is how the headline appears on the aggregator site.

“Mark Hendry: Celtic Not Looking To Sign “Creative” 22 Goal Ace, Ange Should Be Gutted.”

Even that stinks to high heaven. If Celtic aren’t looking to sign him, why the Hell would Ange be “gutted”? Why should he be, since he’s the manager of the club and presumably was the one who made the decision? Unless the allegation is that he wants the player and the board is over-ruling him and no clickbait merchant knows anything like that.

After a recitation of his stats, and those from Celtic’s midfield, the article wraps up in this appallingly written paragraph, with its absurd ending. I don’t have to quote another word from it, you’ll get the gist just by reading this:

“This suggests why Postecoglou should be gutted that the club could be set to miss out on signing the Spaniard and haven’t been considering making a serious move for him.”

That is a train wreck of a paragraph, grammatically shambolic, stinking of stupidity, and trying to second guess what goes on inside Celtic, when it’s obvious that the writer of that hasn’t got the first clue about this club of ours. Even marked as an “opinion piece” it’s loaded down with rancid ignorance, and about as badly written as you could wish to see.

That article sums up the avalanche of junk with which honest to God fan media sites have to compete and the worst of it is that it’s the stuff that some of them produce which is constantly regurgitated by the mainstream press.

I am a big defender of the genuine Celtic sites, even when I disagree with them. The site in question is not, however, a Celtic site. It is a generic football “news” site which often mentions our club.

But I cannot imagine that a single one of our fans ever learned a single thing from reading it or those sites like it. The headline on the aggregator screams “clickbait” at you … and that’s why all of us should avoid them like the plague.

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  • Andy says:

    James, I have blocked 25 on News Now. The click bait garbage sites needs to be shared.

  • Paul Murphy says:

    Totally agree, Internet full of clickbait which unfortunately gets caught up in the more readable Celtic sites. Why anyone would read something from Boyd, Hutton etc or something about a play we’re not signing going somewhere else is beyond me.

  • Charlie Kelly says:

    The person who wrote that article, Master Henry instead of Mr as he hasn’t reached Maturity and is still a child in his head,yes I sent a reply to said article and received reply saying unfortunately it never went so replied again same reply,Well if your going to write Rubbish about our club be big enough to except criticism back or go chalk on Walls Tosser

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