Whatever’s Going On With Him, Maybe It’s Time Everyone Left Tom Rogic Alone.

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From the moment Tom Rogic left Celtic, we’ve all wanted to know what was going to happen with him next. We all felt that there was a plan, that there was something in mind for him, that he was going to find a new club quickly and never look back.

We all know now that it’s not like that, and that Tom has not found a new club yet.

In fact, there is no sign that he is even looking for one. He also seems to have fallen off the radar a bit. Which does not suggest that his decision to leave Celtic was entirely about wanting a new challenge in football.

It suggests that maybe football isn’t his priority.

If that’s the case, then people are doing him no favours with these constant articles and updates on him. I understand that there is mounting concern; I would suggest that if our concerns are not misplaced – which they might be – that he has bigger things to worry about than communicating what’s going on with him.

I don’t even particularly want to speculate on what the issue might be; the thing that keeps coming back to me is the documentary I’ve mentioned before on here, Breaking Point, which is part of the Untold series on Netflix, about the tennis player Mardy Fish and what happened to him.

He pulled out of a career-defining match and disappeared for a long time … when he was ready to re-appear and talk about his issues he did that in a truly courageous and inspiring way.

I’m not suggesting that’s Tom’s issue, or anything like it … what I’m saying is that Fish was given the time and space which no-one gets in the social media age.

When he was ready to talk he came forward and did so. Maybe Tom needs that too.

Tom Rogic will be fine. Whatever’s going on with him, he will be surrounded by the people who truly matter and they will be helping him through it.

If he really is planning to retire you better believe that the decision has been taken after a lot of discussion and a lot of thought, and perhaps that decision was, at least, in part made whilst he was here.

He is a Celtic great. He will always have a place here, and he will always have friends here.

At some point in the future he will return to Parkhead as a guest and he will get the rousing reception that he deserves for all the great football he played here. Until then, it might be time to give him some space.

That might be the best thing we can do for him.

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  • Paul says:

    Have you ever thought he might have enough money in the bank that he doesn’t need to work anymore.
    If you think about the constant games for celtic and then travelling all over to play for Australia, he might of said ” fuck this , time to chill and do something different with my lige”

  • Johnny Green says:

    I agree, we might be concerned for Tom, but he is his own man and he should be given his own privacy as he sees fit. Baseless stories regarding Tom are counter productive and pure conjecture anyway. Everyone should leave him be and let him get on with his life.

  • Johnny Green says:

    Tom Rogic gave us the Invincible Treble with his goal v Aberdeen in the Scottish Cup Final.
    He is a one off, he’s a hero and he is a True Celtic Legend.

  • RMcMillan says:

    Tom should/will do what he wants not what other people want. Maybe he wants a real job ! Like a trucker or a postie.
    An absolutely top guy and as for football he will never top playing for Celtic !

  • Charlie Green says:

    If it was me I have him back in some coaching role and see if the younger players can learn some of his magic.

  • Duncan says:

    “If that’s the case, then people are doing him no favours with these constant articles and updates on him“

    James writes this article about him.
    No just an article mind but an article with adverts splattered allover it for monetary gain.

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