Are Celtic Really On The Brink Of Another Transfer Income Boost For Doing Nothing At All?

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Amidst the transfer stories which continue to link us to signings, there are two stories which are amusing to our fans because they are about players who’ve already left our club and who we could, as yet, still rake in big sums of money for in this window.

The futures of Kieran Tierney and Moussa Dembele aren’t yet clear, but the interest in them both is believed to be real. Tierney’s comes from Manchester City.

The stories about Dembele link him to a rash of different clubs across Europe.

Of the two, Tierney would almost certainly generate the biggest additional fee.

If City want him they will have to pay big bucks for him. Dembele hasn’t enjoyed the sort of acclaim Kieran has, although he’s not exactly been a failure either.

But the interest in him seems to have the most substance.

He’s been linked with a move to England, but clubs across the continent are said to fancy taking a punt on him. The two English clubs most likely to move are Manchester United and Wolves.

Estimates suggest that we’d net £3 million if a deal like this went through, which is almost enough for us to buy the Macedonian winger from Kazan who we’re linked with in the papers today.

If Tierney goes the figure could be in excess of £5 million.

Imagine both go, in the latter weeks of the transfer window.

What a bonus that would be for us, and we didn’t even have to move a finger. An £8 million infusion of cash, for the manager to dip into now or in January. It hasn’t happened yet, of course, but it very well might.

The Tierney deal, if it comes, is likely to come later in the day than the Dembele one, which to be honest could be done at any time. Part of the problem might be the ongoing nightmare at Old Trafford, with the club currently deep in crisis.

The clock continues to tick on down.

There will be business at Celtic and business elsewhere that affects Celtic.

We’ll know what’s what, and the full lie of the land, within the next fortnight. After that, all the focus will be on where it belongs … on winning this title and progressing in Europe.

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  • Seppington says:

    What will be will be but get used to it…this is going to be the norm for us every time we sell a player going forward and what a nice little earner it will be! It’s funny that we could end up raking in half as much as Sevco got for Bassey for doing bugger-all…they’ll no doubt be spitting chips about it as usual…good.


  • Paul Mac says:

    About Moussa … would it not be a percentage on any profit that they made … reports are talking about 15-20 million which would not make a profit.
    Regarding Tierney, if you ever listen to the Homebhoys podcast , Jason Higgins (brother of John the snooker champ) is a close friend of both KT and the family and he has stated on more than one occasion that there is NO future percentage on KT! Whether that is true or that he has been mislead, we shall see if there is any transfer in future.

  • SSMPM says:

    We’ll have to wait and see if none, one or both of them go through but it’ll be money for old rope.Nice

  • Johnny Green says:

    What about Frimpong to Barcelona, is that not another potential windfall?

  • REBELLIOUS says:

    Celtic paid for those transfer contracts and especially for the inclusion of those clauses, so they did lift a finger and, crucially, paid for it too.

    Yes, on the surface it would seem like free money, however, paying for them to be written up in the first place and getting an additional return further down the line will definitely help with those costs.

    Free money it is not. In this life there’s no such thing.

    • Seppington says:

      It didn’t cost them £9m to write up contracts ffs…


        Where a sell on fee is included in a Contract it is usually written in when a selling Club during the negotiations agree to sell for less than their headline figure to get the deal over the line. Like say for instance Celtic value player Z at £25 mill and the buying club offers £18 mill. Celtic says we’ll lower of valuation to £22 mill with a sell on fee of x% if player Z leaves within the period of the player’s initial new contract and buying club makes a profit in excess of the purchase price paid to Celtic who would expect x% of that profit.
        Its complicated by the fact that Clubs rarely pay full price up front preferring to pay in tranches, I.e upfront payment and then balance at agreed percentages over the lifetime of the player’s contract with new club. Sell on fees would be calculated on a sliding scale over the life of the contract, for talking sake say 15% if sold in the first year, 10% in second year and so on.

        • REBELLIOUS says:

          Well you seem to know a bit more than myself about these things, I was only pointing out that James had implied that the club had nothing when plainly that’s not true.

          Oops, sorry for the near double posting

      • REBELLIOUS says:

        James implied they had done nothing, that was my point.
        Of course they didn’t cost that, but they will have paid handsomely for the service.

      • REBELLIOUS says:

        James implied they had done nothing, ‘for not lifting a finger’ but they had paid for those contracts (very obviously NOT £9m FFS)
        I’ve no clue about the costs but they cannot be cheap, so Celtic very obviously did do something.
        That was my point, plain and simple.
        Fees, partially, recouped is the way to do it.
        And it was not free money, EVER.

      • REBELLIOUS says:

        See below…

      • REBELLIOUS says:

        See below…
        I said nothing of the sort.

  • Eddie McWilliams says:

    KT is a great player but has has lost a lot of playing time through injury.
    Would MC take the chance?
    On his game he is well up there so would maybe be a good squad member and if he can keep away from injury, could do well.
    (It would also weaken a competitor from MC’s point of view)
    Won’t say no to some extra cash but/

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