Boyd Will Be Pelted With The Jota Question Every Week Until He Cracks. Oh What Fun.

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One of the most satisfying sights of the weekend was the grim faced Kris Boyd on Sky Sports during and after our game on Sunday.

He is a such a bitter, snide individual, so wrapped up in his dislike for our club, that it’s easy sometimes to get past the fact that he shouldn’t even be on TV in the first place, offering not one thing of value to commentary.

Those moments come when you can actually laugh at his total lack of professionalism, his utter inability to keep his emotions off his face.

Sky shouldn’t have someone like that on the air.

It’s not that he has a clear preference, you can see that with Keane, with Carragher, with Owen and others.

It’s that they don’t allow their hatred for other clubs to show. Their biases do not make them incapable of even the pretence of objectivity. That’s why Boyd is different. It’s why he’s a joke.

Last weekend, every bit of his bitterness was on full display when Scott Allan suggested that Jota was the best player in the country.

He destroyed Ross County that day, but Boyd simply refused to engage with the point in a meaningful way.

He disputed the central claim, was asked who he would say was, threw Morelos name out there as the first that popped into his head and he then shut down the conversation as quick as he could.

It was gutless and a momentous display of pettiness and stupidity.

In light of the performance that day it was patently ridiculous for him to reflexively shoot down the idea without the first clue as to who he thought was better.

Saying Morelos reeked of desperation and panic and the way he didn’t want to even defend it proved that conclusively.

That’s why it was so great to see McFadden deliberately bait him with the same point this weekend, after another Jota masterclass and a magnificent goal.

Boyd’s face was a picture. His demeanour should leave him embarrassed, because he was so obviously in the huff over it, so obviously furious about being held up to that ridicule.

But you know what?

Jota is getting better every week, and so Boyd is going to get this now every time he’s on the air, and now that his fellow anchors know he will react that way will only encourage the question and encourage them to rub his face in it.

Over and over again he’ll be pelted with this.

Over and over again he’ll take the petted lip and lose his shit.

Over and over again until he does something even more embarrassing or something that leaves him humiliated … which is to acknowledge the point.

It’s already crystal clear that Jota will be in that top bracket when the voting for the award takes place.

We can say that quite safely, even after only three games.

This is a player who has found his form, who knows where he is and where he’ll be for the foreseeable future and can now focus wholly on putting on his show every week.

Jota will be in the running, and Boyd, sooner or later, will have to admit it.

As much as it will hurt, as much as he will need to swallow his pride, as much as it will sting him to offer a Celtic player that kind of credit.

Because not to will simply increase the pressure on him and subject him to the spotlight which shines on those too big-headed to admit they are wrong.

Or perhaps just too biased to give credit where it’s due … and that amounts to the same thing.

He is a pure fool. He is an arrogant eejit.

If he won’t bend he’ll be broken .. and one way or another I think we’re all going to enjoy watching it.

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  • Johnny Green says:

    I hope the Michelin Man is playing from the start of the game tonight. He looks well overweight and unfit, and they are rushing him back far too quickly. Desperate peepul do desperate things though and I cannot see him making much of an impact in the shape he is in.

    C’mon PSV.

    • Scud Missile says:

      Lol but just who do they cheer on their own klub or the orange klub from Holland.
      It will be a bit like how to confuse an Irish man,put 2 shovels against the wall and tell him to take his pick.

      • Sean The Mac says:

        Funny stereotypical joke there scud

        • Scud Missile says:

          Oh dear we the woke police in tonight.


            It’s worse than just a stereotype.
            It actually has its roots in racism. Anti-Irish racism.
            Not a particularly good look for someone who purports to be a Celtic fan.
            I think you should just park these jokes(sic) with all the Benny from Crossroads comments (a different generation) and Benny Hill material in a folder marked past their use by date. They are not in the least bit funny.

      • Scouse bhoy says:

        He wont back down on anything he will just keep doing the same thing he has been doing and getting away with is the people who give him a platform who are to blame.

  • Scud Missile says:

    Ah the man who cleans his teeth with Vim cleaning powder don’t you just love the pain he is in having to watch us rattle goal in after goal.

  • John Copeland says:

    I see Richard Foster has taken a job oversees which I guess will mean his BBC Scotland cushy number will be up for grabs! I wonder who shall replace him? Will it be like for like, ie,one The Rangers man out and one in! Maybe the BBC will employ a totally neutral commentator?Maybe I will transport myself back to 1976 and attend in person The Last Waltz concert! We can only dream.

  • Thomas Daly says:

    Who is he related to in the media?,whoever’s got him that position MUST BE EMBARRASSED, whoever’s u are,someone will find out,.

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