Celtic’s New Bhoy Sounds Like He Wants To Burn The Rest Of This League Down.

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That was a fantastic presser today from our new signing Sead Haksabanovic.

He watched the game from the stand at the weekend and from what he had to say about it, it’s obvious that he’s very excited about this team and keen to play his part in it.

As a footballer I don’t know much about him, but his pedigree is excellent and Ange has signed off on him so I am pretty sure we’ve got a good player. The way he spoke today, he’s not going to settle for a place on the bench but he talks that stuff about putting the team first which is so critical to everything we’re doing at Celtic right now.

He sounds up for it. He sounds like he wants to burn this league down.

The way he talked about how he would have scored four as part of the team at the weekend … tongue in cheek, yes, but exactly the sort of thing that should scare our opponents.

“”I want to score goals, I want to make assists, I want to dribble.

I am here for it and I will work hard for it as well. I am going to do everything for me and the team, and I think I am going to get the fans off their seats sometimes with some good dribbling, some good actions and hopefully some points as well. I am ready. Now it’s just up to the manager when he wants me to play,” he said.

And that’s great. That sounds impressive.

What sounds even more impressive is his versatility.

He has played as a number 8, as a number 10, he prefers playing wide left but has also played on the right. This is another of the Ange templates, another of the things the boss wants to see in a player.

Everything about that presser, and the way the guy presents himself, has me excited for this deal. He ticks all the boxes, and he sounds bang up for the battle.

It will be interesting to see if Ange plays him in midweek.

That puts him in contention for the bench on Saturday.

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  • Nick66 says:

    I’ll be honest James, there is a word that is used constantly just now concerning Celtic. One word, but an important word. It’s TEAM, it’s all about the TEAM. We can pick our MOTM, but in truth we are watching a team that are happy to share the limelight, to be part of the collective. Watching Celtic score as they did was one thing, but it was the camaraderie that shone through. The smile on the face of all who played, joy in your teammate scoring, assisting and just being there is what pleases me most. Loving it.

  • SSMPM says:

    Talk’s fine, action counts. He looks a strong unit and I can see him getting into the first team squad but a regular starter, well he’s going to have to walk that talk. I hope he does

  • Jamie D says:

    It always worries me when new signings make lots of noise before they have kicked a ball at Celtic. History has shown that it is the players who utter little that are the ones who are most successful.I well remember Ajeti telling us how good he is and that he would score loads of goals. I wish this guy every success at our club, but please wait until you have played before spouting about your goal scoring ability.

  • Michael McCartney says:

    The skill, movement and togetherness of this squad is terrific to see and a testament to Ange and his backroom team. The appointment of Ange could in my opinion be nearly as significant as Jock Stein’s appointment in 1965. I stress the word “nearly”, only because the finances of football have changed so much since then. It is unlikely that we could ever go all the way in the Champions League as the tv money in Scotland is so poor. But I do think that if Ange is with us for another 3 or 4 years, then one of the other two trophy’s is within our range.

  • Johnny Green says:

    Good luck to him, his attitude is good, but getting into that team, if there are no injuries, is a very difficult task.

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