Martindale Denies That He’s Biased Towards Ibrox … On A Sevco Fans Podcast.

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You could not make this shit up. Are you ready for it?

According to The Daily Record, David Martindale has denied that he is a pro-Ibrox stooge in an interview to be released soon. Where’s the interview? With an Ibrox fan podcast.

Get that. An Ibrox fan podcast. Have you ever heard of that kind of thing in your life?

There are Scottish football podcasts out there which talk about the broad sweep of the game, but if I tried to get an interview with Jim Goodwin or Derek McInnes or Robbie Nielson I would get short shrift from their media people.

I especially would not get a manager to go on the record expressing his long-time love affair with our club whilst having, at some point, to come up against them.

How are we supposed to respond to that other than with open mouthed amazement?

That is beyond brazen. That is beyond belief.

How are his own fans supposed to respond to that? His own board of directors? Are they happy with him giving interviews to rival fan media, where he openly expresses himself a supporter?

He glibly claims to have been a “Rangers supporter when I was young” as though that’s something you leave behind you at some point in life. Maybe it was when he was in the jail for major drug offences.

That we are asked to swallow that he’s stopped caring … it’s utterly ridiculous. That he agreed to do such a podcast in the first place is a red flag to his own club that he’s trolling them as well as the rest of us.

He trots out the disingenuous nonsense about having “six Celtic fans” in the team.

Yeah and if they broke tactical discipline to simply do as they wanted they wouldn’t be in the team, so if the manager sends them out to put everyone behind the ball what else are they going to do but get behind the ball?

This stuff doesn’t convince anybody, especially considering where the comments are made.

When was this recorded? Today.

He’s talking about the game at the weekend in it!

So no sooner had he gotten off that Sky Sports interview where he laughed and joked and referred to “Scotty” and “Tav” and poked fun at his own tactical ineptitude but what?

He went and did a sit down interview with one of their fan groups!

Christ almighty, and the inference is that we’re paranoid.

Like I said, you could not make this shit up.

Livingston’s directors … they must have strong stomachs.

If this was a Celtic manager talking to a rival fan podcast after their team had beaten us, and reminding everyone that he was “once” a fan … I’d be outraged and so would every other Celtic supporter, and I suspect the club would be as well.

Only in Scotland, folks. Only in the SPFL.

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  • Paul Sweeney says:

    Why do you seem surprised? If the guy was electricity he would be a blackout, you stated you sent some if not all their match, he was laughing and joking. That to me confirms that he is a joke as is his favourite team

  • harold shand says:

    Scum rags like the daily record love him , because he guarantees the huns a win

    They even wanted him to get manager of the year instead of Ange

  • Saulgoodman says:

    Oh hes not the sharpest tool out there , probably considers it an honour to speak to a rangers podcast , shame cause he’s done a very good job at livingstone

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