The Cost Of Celtic’s Champions League Packages Is Obscene At The Present Time.

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So the club has released the pricing for the Champions League packages today and it pays no heed whatsoever to the crisis many people are struggling with, or soon will be. There is a certain amount of cynicism in announcing those prices today, before the revised gas and electricity bills start dropping through people’s doors, and before the draw is even made.

£129 is £43 quid per ticket per game. To ask fans to pay that right now is appalling. Those tickets could have been kept under £100. They could have been kept around £90 or even less. The club will lose a bit of money, sure, but it would have helped many fans.

Instead they’ve gouged out as high a price as they feel they can get away with. I think this club shows at times a shocking lack of empathy with the supporters, and this is one of those times. I know I’m going to get stick for this but so what? The people giving out the stick will be the people for whom £129 is nothing to worry about.

But if you’re a parent with kids whose already sweating the electricity bill I think this will look like an abysmal decision and one that exploits the supporters and their desire to back the club. £43 per ticket, at this moment in time, in the midst of this cost of living disaster, is frankly obscene.

Those who run our club are so far removed from the lives of the ordinary fans that they might as well be running this club from foreign shores. These people have forgotten – if they ever knew to begin with – what it’s like to be struggling on a worker’s salary.

Alarm bells are ringing louder than at any point in my living memory. We’re in the grip of spiralling inflation and a fuel costs explosion which is going to obliterate the finances of millions of people … and our club thinks that this is an appropriate pricing policy.

There’s really not much more I can add to that. It’s disgusting.

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  • Sophie Johnstone says:

    Writing was on the wall when I saw Lawell gleefully signing autographs after the game on Sunday.But a wee bit of a stretch (ok a huge stretch) as someone here has done by almost blaming Ange because he cut loose a social media obsessed CH who wasn’t interested in knuckling down and fighting for his place

  • SSMPM says:

    Maybe I didn’t write as well as I could have but blame is not the correct word at all to attach to what I wrote, rather it being Ange’s responsibility for the decision made. Julien was not doing Griffiths or Mororless behaviour. By all accounts he was not skipping training or putting in half hearted training efforts. Call it the timing of his injury, the new additions at the back, the release of a high wage earner to free up money for Ange’s own choices, whatever, though interesting that Jenz walked straight into the team on arrival. Ange is the manager, simple as that. I accept that he makes the calls and by god he’s made some crackers so it was his call, his responsibility. The point made but apparently missed was a lot of invested money went with that decision

    • MarkE says:

      We had to cut our losses with Jullien, he gave Ange no choice, and tbh he looked like he was sulking; we can’t have that sort of mentality in a team! …one bad apple n all that.

      He wasn’t the right fit for this Celtic team anyway, and while the club no doubt would’ve liked to have gotten more of a fee for him, the most important thing was moving him on.

  • Johnny Green says:

    I betcha the huns charge more than we do….or will they be afraid of the backlash?

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