Kenny Miller Continues To Trash-Talk Celtic’s Wingers With Daft Kent Comparisons.

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Kenny Miller was bumping his gums again this weekend about how Ibrox must give Ryan Kent a new deal because he’s as good as Jota and better than Abada. There’s a part of me that really hopes he gets one too, because he is an absolute waste of a jersey most weeks and the longer he is there the less this nonsense stands up to scrutiny.

Neither of our players was brilliant this week, but Kent was abysmal from everything that’s been written in the media and on their forums. He is a one-note footballer, a guy who plays one good game in ten. He would not get into the Celtic team even as a backup player because he’s both lazy and ineffectual. Yet many in our media love him.

I like to think that I can be a fair judge of footballers even when they don’t play for my club. I cannot understand how anyone can watch Kent and believe that he is the player we sometimes hear the press talking about. I cannot comprehend what it is that they see or think that they see. But I know I would not want this waste of a jersey at Parkhead.

Miller used to play the game, but he’s the proof that this does not automatically confer upon someone the ability to properly comment on it. He thinks Kent can play a bit; that’s a view he’s entitled to. Where he sounds idiotic is when he claims Kent has a fraction of the skill that Jota and Abada possess. It is absolutely clear he does not.

The thing of it is, nobody in the country seriously believes otherwise. Ibrox fans certainly do not. If they had a choice between Kent and Jota they’d take the Portuguese in a moment. They would probably take Abada – with his happy habit of scoring against them – even quicker. It is tempting, in light of that, to wonder if Miller is trolling us.

But he’s not. It’s obvious that he does believe this nonsense, even if few other people do. Even if you believe – as some do – that Kent can play a bit there is virtually nobody who would argue that he can do what our two front men can.

One of the things the Kent lovers cling to is this idea about “on his day” but a top player doesn’t just show up sometimes but consistently, over and over again. That’s the real measure of quality and our boys have shown it more in a year than Kent is capable of.

The numbers don’t lie. The performances don’t lie. Our guys are amongst the standout players in the country, all at Celtic Park, and this was as true last season as it is during this one. All this nonsense about him having “all the skill in the world” is ludicrous when you see talent only in little flashes. We’ve had players like that at Celtic, guys like Gary Mackay Steven, who you knew was capable of brilliance but could not produce it with any consistency.

This shouldn’t even be a debate amongst sensible people who know the game. It’s like the ridiculous Morelos v Edouard stories; the big Frenchman might not be running away with it down in England but he is down there, whilst Morelos languishes on the Ibrox bench with his contract running down. Like Kent, he’s waiting for an offer that might never come.

Like Kent there’s talk of him signing a new deal. For once, I hope the hacks get their wish. A club which thinks these two are the answer is asking the wrong questions.

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    Miller has been briefed. Get the Sevco support onside with Kent / More or less re-signing and the Board can get the fans off their back by starting that re-hiring them is almost like bringing in two new players. Job done.

  • Johnny Green says:

    Miller was asked for a prediction before the huns played us at Celtic Park and he said it was too close to call.

    Nuff said, he’s just another Ibrox cheerleader.

  • Tom Foolery says:

    Kenny Duller.

  • Kevin Kayes. says:

    What colour is the sky in his world(Miller)? If that guy thinks Kent is world class then there’s something just not right in his head.Your right,I hope they do give him another contract.The guys an amateur.

  • Johnny Green says:

    Kent and Morelos will sign pre-contracts in January and walk away for nothing. They are not presently playing for a renewed contract but for a new contract elsewhere. The huns will get hee haw for them.

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